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How to Get Free Shower Heads for Your Household

How to Get Free Shower Heads for Your Household

Are you doing everything you can to make green changes in your home? Victorian residential properties can receive free water-saving shower heads to reduce flow rate and save money on energy.

If you are eligible under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, you can receive free installation from Ecosaver to remove your old shower heads.

Read on to discover how Ecosaver can help you secure your free show head upgrade today!

What is a water-saving showerhead?

A water-saving shower head helps you use less water each time you take a shower. Many shower heads mix air with water, leading the aerated water to require a reduced flow rate. The pressure of the water does not change, so you can still enjoy a superb showing experience.

Many Australians think that taking a shower saves more water than having a bath. So much so that 26% of all water used in an Australian household is used to shower as opposed to 6% of all water used in baths. 

What Is a Commercial Solar Installation?

A commercial solar installation involves installing solar panels on the roof of your commercial premises. 

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular across Australia, helping businesses lower their energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and meet environmental targets.

If your business is located in NSW or VIC, you could receive certain subsidies to make the cost of your solar installation cheaper and more affordable.


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How does a water-saving showerhead work?

A water-saving showerhead works to reduce the amount of water you use each time you shower. You save water and as well as energy as your home is heating a smaller amount of water.

However, there are different types of water-efficient showerhead components that work in different ways:

Aerator showerhead

An aerator shower head mixes air with water to increase the size of each water droplet. As a result, the bigger water droplets take up more room in the shower head so a smaller amount of water is required whilst you shower. 

Some aerator showerheads can reduce the amount of water you use by up to 50% whilst ensuring that you still receive a luxury showering experience.

Flow regulators

A flow regulator is added to your existing showerhead to regulate the water pressure, reducing water output each time you shower. So, each time you use the shower, the flow regulator will ensure that you only use the amount of water you need.

Adjustable showerheads

An adjustable showerhead can be adapted to various settings so you can reduce the amount of water used. For example, you can close some of the showerhead holes to limit how much water leaves the showerhead. As a result, you will use less water, saving energy in the process.


How much water do I use when I shower?

On average, a 10 minute shower uses at least 40 litres of water, in contrast with taking a bath which requires at least 50 litres of water. However, these figures will vary depending on how long you shower and how deep you fill your bath with water.

If you are looking to really save water on a daily basis, limit your showers to only 5 minutes per day, using around 20 litres of water. You can also monitor your water metre and your water bill to check how much water you are using.

However, you can score extra eco-friendly points when you install a water-efficient shower head inside of your bathroom, reducing your shower waterflow without hindering your showering experience.

What are the benefits of a water-saving shower head?

You could receive a FREE water-saving shower head from Ecosaver today! 

Here are the benefits you can expect from using a water-efficient shower head:

Saving water

The main aim of a water-efficient showerhead is to save water. Less water is used each time you shower, reducing your water bills and ensuring that your household is not wasting water.

Saving water has a wider impact on the environment and society as a whole, as there is more water to go around so everyone has the water they need.

Saving energy

Every time you shower, you are using energy to heat the shower water. So, when less water is used, less energy is used also, saving you money on your water bill and your energy bill. 

Of course, whittling down your energy is a must for every Australian household right now. So take advantage of this free eco-friendly upgrade to your home!

Environmental impact

Saving water and saving energy are both extremely important for the environment. You will make a practical difference that will benefit others and the environment. Now, imagine if every Australian household installed an energy saving showerhead?!

What is the Victorian Energy Upgrades program?

The Victorian government has been offering discounts or rebates on a range of energy-saving items to both business properties and households across the state. These upgrades act as incentives to encourage businesses and households to make a difference to the environment around them.

Sometimes an energy-saving upgrade can be expensive, so it is essential that the government provides such financial incentives to ensure such options are financially viable.

As a business, you could apply for commercial lighting upgrades, HVAC installation, or heat pumps in Victoria.

As a household, you could be eligible for FREE showerheads, FREE door seals and exhaust fan seals, and an in-home display energy monitor. There are also programs available across NSW, such as the NSW LED scheme.

To find out which energy efficient upgrades you are eligible for under the Victoria energy upgrades program, contact Ecosaver. We are an accredited provider, offering excellent value and an expert service, so get your FREE showerheads now!

How much does it cost to get a water-efficient showerhead?

A water-efficient showerhead is FREE for Victorian households under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. Subsidised by the Victorian government, Ecosaver will install your FREE showerhead at a time and date that suits you.

Our installation experts will ensure that your water-saving shower head is installed perfectly so you can start reducing water usage and saving money immediately! 

We could even dispose of your old showerhead when we have completed your FREE brand new water-saving showerhead upgrade.

Why choose Ecosaver?

Ecosaver is a leader in energy-saving upgrades, so get in touch for your FREE upgrade now before it’s too late! We will guide you through the eligibility process and ensure that you are aware of all of your eligible energy-efficient upgrades. 

Whether you are a business or a household, we could have the perfect energy-efficient upgrade to help you save money.

Contact Ecosaver now and talk to an expert who will help you to begin your renewable energy journey today. Ask about the Victoria energy upgrades program now or take advantage of our FREE Audit & Quote.

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