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Sustainable healthcare that doesn’t compromise on quality

When it comes to your healthcare organisation, providing an incredible service comes before all else. That means it’s all too easy to overlook the benefits of adopting greener energy solutions.

At Ecosaver, we believe sustainability needn’t come at the cost of your exemplary service.

By making simple changes to your energy usage with our team at your back, you can lower your carbon footprint, realise significant cost savings, and create a better environment for your clients and colleagues.

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Elevate your healthcare facility with renewable energy

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Our Services for the Healthcare Industry

Detailed energy audits and accessible reports - We visit your organisation, leaving no stone unturned to discover ways you can improve your energy efficiency. Then, we report our findings to you with easy-to-read reports and actionable recommendations.
Business cases - We’ll provide real examples of relevant organisations that have implemented our energy recommendations, detailing the benefits they attained and how much they saved.
Feasibility studies - Whether it’s solar, HVAC systems, new lighting, or replacing outdated appliances, we’ll offer valuable insights regarding the feasibility of our proposed changes, ensuring you know exactly what to expect.
Project implementation - Once you’re happy with our suggested improvements, our in-house technicians will implement everything on your behalf.
Consistent monitoring - We’ll assess your upgrades to ensure they’re performing as intended and provide a comprehensive report to show how your new energy system is benefitting you.

Why Choose Ecosaver?

Ecosaver’s end-to-end solutions are more than a way to save money. We’re committed to green energy, have a passion for quality, and care about making your switch to renewables fast, easy, and affordable.

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Kickstart your energy-saving journey

As the reliable ally of eco-conscious businesses throughout Australia, Ecosaver is your trusted partner in the fight against climate change. Get started today with a free energy audit.


Yes. As an approved provider of renewable energy sources, we work closely with local governments to allow healthcare businesses to take advantage of initiatives and rebates. Once we perform our initial audit, we’ll inform you of any schemes you should know about as part of our proposal. We’ll also show you what you need to do to be eligible and how they can benefit you.

At Ecosaver, we believe in end-to-end service. That’s why we’ll go the extra mile by assessing your new renewable energy system to help you understand the impact of your upgrades. Whether it’s working out your new energy consumption, evaluating your environmental impact or outlining further improvement opportunities, we’ll ensure you always stay in the know.

Yes. Once we’ve outlined an initial proposal, we’ll work with you to implement all of the changes you require. Our talented team of in-house technicians will be on hand to deliver your new energy-efficient resources, install them, and make any adjustments, all without disrupting your service.

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