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LED Lighting Upgrades

Switch to LED lighting and gain up to 80% efficiency savings. (to continue later)

Unlock sustainable savings with LED lighting

LED technology isn't just about brightening your premises. When you switch, you cut lighting costs, enhance longevity, and diminish your carbon footprint.

Get in touch now to hear how choosing a lighting upgrade can benefit your business in many ways.

Brighten your space while dimming your expenses

With Ecosaver’s lighting upgrades. You can significantly decrease energy costs, increase your efficiency, and fast-track your carbon-reduction goals.

When you switch to LED lighting:

> You can reduce your lighting costs by up to 80%, offering substantial savings over its lifespan.

> You minimise the need for frequent replacements, further saving on costs.

> You reduce energy consumption, subsequently curbing CO2 emissions.

How to switch to LED lighting with Ecosaver

1. Schedule a free assessment to understand the potential of LED upgrades.
2. We analyse your current setup and create a roadmap for the upgrade.
3. Expert electricians ensure seamless installation without disruptions.
4. Once you're satisfied, proceed with the payment.
5. We don't just leave; we review to ensure optimal performance.
6. Relish the Savings - experience immediate benefits in efficiency and cost savings.

Enjoy savings with LED Lighting


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    Not only can switching to LED lighting reduce your lighting costs by up to 80%, but LEDs also have a longer lifespan, cutting down on maintenance and replacement costs. Since LEDs are more energy-efficient, they also lead to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint, supporting your sustainability goals.

    LED lights use significantly less energy than traditional bulbs, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. They also have a longer lifespan, meaning less frequent replacements and reduced waste. Finally, LED lights are recyclable, adding another layer to their eco-friendly attributes.

    The exact timeframe for your ROI will depend on your previous lighting costs and the scale of your upgrade. Generally speaking, most businesses see a return on their investment within a couple of years, if not sooner. At Ecosaver, we can help give you estimates of your cost savings over time.

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