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Commercial LED Lighting Services - NSW

Ecosaver’s commercial lighting upgrades will brighten your premises while dimming your expenses.


Ecosaver is Your Ticket to Massive Cost Savings

Ecosaver’s affordable LED solutions are your ticket to sustainability. Here are just a few of the ways our lighting upgrades can benefit your business.

> Our sustainable LED lighting upgrades use considerably less energy than equivalent incandescent bulbs. This means they’re far better for the environment, and they can help you reduce your electricity bill by over $794.

> As LEDs use less energy, they’re also far better for the environment than conventional lighting.

> Our LEDs last up to 10 times longer than standard bulbs, meaning you’ll rarely have to go through the hassle of replacing them.

> LEDs provide warmer, more vibrant lighting than conventional bulbs, making your business a more inviting place to work.

And the best part? As an accredited provider under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, Ecosaver can provide eligible NSW businesses with an LED lighting upgrade for just $33.  

Reach out today and schedule your free consultation to learn more.


Start Saving Today with an Efficient LED Lighting Upgrade

Partner with Ecosaver today to kickstart your sustainability journey.

LED Lighting Upgrades Equal Cost Savings for Your Business

Installing an LED lighting system with Ecosaver is one of the fastest, easiest ways to slash your utility bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and work toward a greener future for Australia. Here’s how our process works.

Reach out to schedule your free audit.
We’ll arrive on-site to perform an assessment for your small business.
Our expert team will propose recommendations in an actionable report.
Once you agree, we’ll arrive at your premises to install your LEDs.
We’ll conduct a final post-upgrade audit to help you see the benefits of your LEDs.

Plus, as Ecosaver partners with the NSW government, we’re able to install these upgrades on your behalf at a massively discounted price. Reach out today to find out more.

Why Choose Ecosaver for LED Lighting Upgrades in NSW?

Ecosaver's commitment to sustainability starts from the ground up. From our teams of in-house technicians to our expert green advisors, every component of our organization is dedicated to helping you go green for less. Here are just a few of the reasons we’re the team for you.

> Expertise: We’ve been helping Australia’s businesses transition to sustainable energy for over a decade and have the experience to make your switch to sustainability quick, easy, and affordable.
> Accreditation: As an accredited provider in partnership with the NSW government, we’re eligible to offer our LED lighting upgrade at a significantly discounted price.
> Support: Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the installation of your LED lighting. We’ll stand by you, offering all-encompassing assistance to ensure you get the best out of your new upgrades.
> Sustainability: As a green energy ally in partnership with the Australian government, we’re committed to helping all of Australia switch to sustainability for less.

Ready to get started? Reach out today and schedule a chat with one of our industry experts. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to kickstart your sustainability journey with complete confidence.

Get Started Today

If you’re looking to brighten your business while dimming your expenses this year, Ecosaver is the ally you need. Get in touch and schedule your free consultation to get started.


The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is an NSW government initiative designed to promote energy efficiency in Australia. The scheme encourages businesses to undertake eligible activities, like installing LED lighting, HVAC systems, or solar panels, in exchange for certificates. Companies can then sell these certificates to energy retailers for a profit. This makes the ESS an excellent way for businesses to install energy-efficient upgrades for cheaper as they work toward sustainability.

Ecosaver’s LED lightings are incredibly affordable, costing only $33 for eligible businesses. This means you could expect to see a return on your investment within the first month. When you partner with Ecosaver, we’ll conduct an audit and walk you through exactly how much money an LED upgrade can save your company.

LED lighting benefits the environment by consuming significantly less energy than traditional bulbs, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Their longer lifespan also minimizes waste. Additionally, LEDs contain no hazardous materials, making disposal safer. Together, these key benefits make LEDs far more sustainable than any other available bulbs.

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