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How to Get a FREE Energy Monitor in Victoria

How to Get a FREE Energy Monitor in Victoria

Do you know your typical electricity usage and household energy consumption per hour? No doubt you need a home energy monitor to tell you this data, and more!

Monitor and track your daily electricity consumption with a home energy monitor from Ecosaver, enabling real time monitoring and costs. You will discover how much energy each appliance requires, and the financial benefit of using less energy/

When securing a FREE energy monitor, Victoria households can reduce energy usage and lower those surging power bills, benefiting your home and the environment.

Read on to discover how you can get a home energy monitor completely free with Ecosaver.

What is a home energy monitor?

A home energy monitor is a small device complete with a screen that shows you how much energy you have used in a certain period. They are sometimes referred to as a ‘smart metre’.

The home energy monitor will track your energy consumption continuously, showing you how many units of power have been used and how much this costs you.

Additionally, the in-home display will provide options so you can choose to view electricity consumption for a particular day, week, or month, enabling you to keep track of your usage.

How does a home energy monitor work?

Your home energy monitor works to display the amount of energy used in your home, along with how much your energy consumption costs. Our experts at Ecosaver will provide you with FREE energy monitor installation so your in-home display is ready to go in no time at all.

In-home displays work in the same way as a dashboard, providing a series of information at your fingertips. So, you can view how much electricity you used this morning when doing the laundry, or how much energy was consumed when the television was left turned on all afternoon.

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You can also view the units of energy consumed as well as how much the energy has cost you financially. Some in home displays will also inform you about your carbon footprint in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per household.

Could I save money when using a home energy monitor?

Just turning on an in-home energy monitor will not reduce your energy bills. To save money, you must make changes to your household energy use so that you can begin to reduce energy costs.

So, read the data on the in home display and try to identify the areas that are resulting in high energy use. Maybe you have an old appliance that is sucking up too much electricity? Replacing this appliance with an energy efficient version will save you money in the long term.

Or, if you are using most of the electricity during off-peak hours, you could ask your supplier for an off-peak tariff that will benefit you.

Your home energy monitor might also show you the difference in energy usage and energy costs when using a cooler temperature when using the washing machine or dishwasher, helping you to make practical savings that reduce energy costs and save you money.

How much does an energy monitor cost to install?

Energy monitors are free for Victorian households under the Victorian Energy Upgrade program, if you meet the eligibility criteria. 

Victorian energy upgrades are subsidised by the Victorian government with free installation from Ecosaver, an accredited provider. 

Our installation experts could fit Emerald Planet’s energy monitor free of charge into your home, helping you create an energy budget, send alerts, and lower your electricity bills. Your smart electricity metre will monitor consumption data so you can begin energy saving! 

What is the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program?

The Victorian Energy Upgrade program allows Victorian residents to access free energy efficient products along with free installation, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.


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The purpose of the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program is to provide incentives and accessibility so that businesses and households in Victoria can reduce their energy consumption, providing an economic and environmental benefit as well as meeting carbon reduction targets.


Businesses could apply for commercial lighting upgrades to upgrade their commercial lighting to energy saving LED bulbs and fittings. 

They could also apply for HVAC installation to improve their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, as well as  heat pumps to pump hot water through the premises all day at a lower cost to traditional systems.


Households could be eligible for FREE shower heads so you use less water each time you shower, requiring less energy to heat the water. You could also obtain FREE door seals and exhaust fan seals to prevent air loss or air entering the premises. 

Furthermore, apply for an in-home display energy monitor so you can track your energy consumption and try to make energy savings. 

To find out which energy efficient upgrades you are eligible for under the Victoria energy upgrades program, contact Ecosaver now!

What other ways could I save energy in my home?

As well as reducing how much energy you use, ensure your home is well insulated and completely draught-proofed. 

This means there should be no air escaping or entering your home through gaps around windows, doors and vents. Insulate your loft although ensure you have adequate ventilation.

Why choose Ecosaver?

At Ecosaver, we are experts in energy efficiency. We can guide you through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program and determine your eligibility, arranging your free installation at your earliest convenience.

Ask about the Victoria energy upgrades program now or take advantage of our FREE Audit & Quote. Contact Ecosaver now and talk to an expert who will help you to begin your renewable energy journey today. 

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