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HVAC Upgrades

Revolutionise your business’s energy efficiency with advanced HVAC upgrades.

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Ecosaver is proud to be recognised as a premier supplier for a government-backed Heating and Cooling Upgrades Program. The program hopes to enhance thermal comfort for all kinds of establishments, both businesses and homes.

The time is now to transition from old cooling and heating units to state-of-the-art, energy-efficient reverse-cycle AC systems.

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Whether it's your business establishment or home, making the right heating and cooling choices is key to reducing costs and saving energy. Reach out to us for more information about HVAC upgrades today.

Why Choose Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems?

> Drastically reduce energy bills, making this an investment that pays for itself.

> Lower your carbon footprint with greener HVAC solutions.

> Benefit from optimal comfort. The latest HVAC solutions come with intelligent technology to automate temperatures based on preferences and needs.

Incentives Available for HVAC Upgrades

Various subsidies are available for both businesses and residential properties across Australia in states such as Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia.

At Ecosaver, we help you make the most of these incentives wherever you are and whatever your needs.

The rebate or discount you get depends on various factors, such as equipment type, installation premises, and the current energy certificate trading price. Our experts guide you through the choices, ensuring you know the costs before proceeding.
Advanced Features
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Packaged heat pump systems provide a comprehensive solution by combining heating, air conditioning, and air-handling capabilities in a single unit. These systems are an energy-efficient option for residential settings.

Backup Electric heater
Refrigerant Cooling - 400g of charged R290 Refrigerant
Max Water Output temperature - 55℃
Heating capacity 58L – 112L / H
High efficiency DC inverter technology
Clean and Hygenic - Blue Diamond Enamel Tank
Inbuilt Disinfection - Anti-legionella function
Anti Defrosting - Four-way valve for automatic defrosting
Adaptable Input Power - 0.5 kW to 0.8 kW
Adaptable Output Capacity - 1.6 kW to 5.2 kW
Minimal Noise Levels - 45 dBA to 56 dBA
Maximum Water Pressure Rating – 850 kPa
Advanced Features
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Split systems separate each system into individual units and result in the heater and air conditioner being distinct from each other.

Backup Electric Heater
Refrigerant Cooling - 900g of charged R134a Refrigerant
Max Water Output temperature - 63℃
Heating capacity – 44L – 56L / H
Automatic Startup and Shutdown
Clean and Hygenic - Blue Diamond Enamel Tank
Inbuilt Disinfection - Anti-legionella function
Anti Defrosting - Four-way valve for automatic defrosting
Input Power - 1kW input power
Output Capacity - 2.6 kW output capacity
Minimal Noise Levels - 54 dBA
Maximum Water Pressure Rating - 3000 kPa

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    Eligibility depends on the nature of your property (rental or owner-occupied) and specific criteria like property rent, income, and the age of your current heating system. Get in touch with one of our team who can share more information on the schemes available.

    When you request a free quote, our team will provide an estimate of potential energy savings based on your current system and the upgrade you're considering. Remember, savings can be substantial over the long run, not just in reduced energy bills but also in maintenance costs.

    The installation process can vary based on the type of system you choose and the specifics of your property. Generally, installations can be completed in a day, but more complex systems might take longer. Our technicians will provide an estimated timeframe during your scheduled appointment.

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