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Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU)

We collaborate closely with Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) to make the switch to sustainability easier, faster and more affordable for businesses and homeowners in Australia.


What are Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs)?

ACCUs are financial tokens awarded to businesses and individuals who engage in energy efficiency activities or renewable energy projects. Each ACCU represents the avoidance of one tonne of carbon dioxide.

Once you have your ACCUs, you can sell them for a profit or use them to offset your carbon emissions in order to meet regulations.

The key to navigating the complexities of the ACCU system is to partner with an organisation that knows the process inside and out. With extensive experience working with businesses and homeowners across Australia, Ecosaver has the expertise to help you get the best out of the ACCU scheme. We’ll help you plan your project, handle approvals, tackle compliance adherence, and generate your carbon credits on your behalf. Reach out today to find out more.


Kickstart your sustainability journey with Ecosaver

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How can ACCUs benefit me?

Once you have your ACCUs, you can sell them back to the Australian Government for a profit. Alternatively, you may choose to sell them to private buyers who are looking to offset their carbon emissions to meet regulations. You could even surrender the certificates as a means of reducing your own emissions. This is especially helpful if your organisation has sustainability targets to meet.

Which projects qualify for ACCUs?

There are dozens of ways to get started with the ACCU scheme. Common eligible projects include:

  • HVAC upgrades
  • BMS equipment
  • Lighting upgrades
  • VSD installation
  • Biomethane creation
  • Solar
  • Waste to Energy

How to get started with the RET scheme

The complexity of the ACCU verification process means it’s best to partner with an accredited organisation that understands the scheme inside and out. Our end-to-end solutions will help you get the most out of the initiative while avoiding the regulatory pitfalls that may prevent you from maximising the benefits of the scheme. Here’s how our process works.

  • We assess your proposed project to establish feasibility.
  • We create a report outlining potential savings and proposing our recommendations. 
  • We arrive on-site to implement the project on your behalf.
  • We assess your new system and provide you with your hard-earned ACCUs.
If you’re looking to kickstart your sustainability journey with the ACCU scheme, Ecosaver can help. Connect with our team of experts or call 1300 32 67 87 today to learn more.

Kickstart your sustainability journey

The regulations for ACCUs can be tricky to navigate. But, with Ecosaver by your side, it doesn’t have to be. Reach out and chat with our team of experts to learn how we can help you leverage the full extent of the initiative today.


Most projects that improve energy efficiency or generate renewable energy will be eligible for ACCUs. That said, you won’t be eligible if your project has already begun, or if you’ve received benefits from another scheme. Additionally, your project must be carried out in accordance with the processes and methodologies outlined by the initiative. When you partner with Ecosaver, we’ll walk you through the eligibility criteria stage by stage, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll always be in the know.

ACCUs benefit the environment by incentivising and funding projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Whether it’s lighting upgrades, solar farms, or HVAC upgrades, the ACCU scheme makes it easier and more affordable for businesses and individuals to take steps toward sustainability for the good of our planet.

After obtaining your ACCUs, you may choose to profit by selling them back to the Australian government at an Emissions Reductions Fund auction. Alternatively, you could sell them back privately to organisations looking to offset their carbon emissions. Either route you choose helps you to offset the cost of your project. Get in touch today to discuss your options in greater detail.

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