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Industrial Solar Panels

Power your industrial operation with solar

Switch to solar energy and slash your energy bills by 50%.

Charge into the future with solar energy

The benefits of industrial solar go beyond lowering your carbon footprint. When you make the switch, you’ll halve your utility costs, lower your carbon footprint, and achieve total energy independence.

Reach out today to learn how solar panels can benefit you this year.

Kickstart your solar journey with Ecosaver

Don’t let unreliable grid electricity put a spanner in your operation. Switch to solar energy, and you’ll improve your long-term profit, reduce your susceptibility to power cuts, and achieve a greener public image. Get in touch and schedule your free consultation today to learn more.

When you switch to industrial solar:

> You significantly reduce your energy costs, leading to an outstanding ROI.

> You reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and lower your carbon footprint.

> You achieve energy independence and protect yourself from power cuts and surges.

> You make your organisation more attractive to consumers, employees, and investors.

Industrial Solar: The Ecosaver Way

1. Schedule your free consultation with our industry experts.
2. We’ll evaluate your organisation, audit your energy needs, and create our proposal.
3. Once the groundwork is complete, we’ll arrive on-site and install your new solar system.
4. Once you’re happy with your new solution, you can proceed with payment.
5. We’ll carry out a final energy audit to illustrate how your solar system benefits you.
6. Your operation runs as normal, and you reap the rewards of clean energy.

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    There are a vast number of great incentives available for large-scale industrial organisations when they invest in a solar solution. Your eligibility for each scheme will depend on where your operation is based and the size of your installation. For example, businesses in Victoria can attain Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) based on the amount of carbon dioxide their upgrade helps offset. Organisations can then sell these certificates for profit, helping to lower the cost of installation. To find out more about all of the government programs available in Australia, schedule your free consultation with Ecosaver today.

    Grid electricity is notoriously unstable. Power cuts and price hikes are a common concern for large-scale industrial organisations because these factors can seriously impact the efficiency of an operation. Solar energy solves this problem by providing a reliable, sustainable source of energy year-round. This gives you complete security during outages, reduces your dependence on purchased grid electricity, and ensures your organisation runs uninterrupted throughout the year.

    The time it will take for you to see a return on your investment will depend on your system size, location, and energy usage. That said, many of our clients see significant ROI within three to five years of their installation.

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