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Commercial Lighting in Victoria

We offer high-quality, uniform and safe commercial lighting in Victoria.


High-Quality Lighting Solutions That Can Save You Money

Ecosaver offers high-quality LED lighting products to commercial businesses in all regions of Victoria. Our excellent lighting products can impact businesses by saving them significant amounts of money in energy and utility bills.

Additionally, implementing Ecosaver lighting across an entire warehouse can make it a much safer environment by ensuring that even the dark corners are well-lit.

Order your commercial LED product for your warehouse today.


Improve Sustainability And Save Money as a Business!

You can do this by investing in Ecosaver's excellent commercial lighting products. Set off on your journey to being a more sustainable company, and save money in the process!

Why You Should Choose LED Commerical Lighting

Ecosaver’s LED lighting products can help your business in many ways that traditional lighting products can’t, including:

LED commercial lighting can save you money on utility bills.
They are 70% cheaper than other solutions.
Because they last longer than incandescent options, you don’t need to maintain them as often.
You also don’t need to replace them as much.
LED lights can boost safety and productivity in a commercial workplace.
They are better for the environment because they generate less CO2 emissions.
You can fully recycle our LED lights.

All these impacts can make your business safer and more eco-friendly while saving you money.

How Does Ecosaver Help You Leverage the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program?

You should participate in Victorian Energy Upgrades because it can get you rebates on products that save energy. Once you determine your business is eligible for the program, you can contact us to arrange lighting products.

Here is how we can help you through the process:

> We offer a free upgrade for LED high bays, battens and panels.
> We can provide free installation for locations like stadiums and outdoor car parks.
> Our free upgrade applies to every new LED lighting product you need for the business.
> Remember that existing lighting does not apply to the program.

Use Ecosaver to Help You Leverage the VEU Program!

If you choose us as your provider for the VEU Program, we can offer you free lighting upgrades for all of your needed LED products, including any required for outdoor locations. Contact us today for more!

Victorian Commerical Lighting FAQs

The cost of running LED lights depends on two variables:

  • The maximum brightness of the bulb.
  • The bulb’s wattage.

For example, if you have LED lights installed with a brightness of 1000-1400 lumens and 75 wattage, you are looking at spending around $0.012 an hour to run them.

The space you should leave between LED lights depends on where you place them.

For example, if you need LED lights for one of your warehouses, you may need to space them more because of the higher ceiling and the more expansive space they need to cover.

The total time your LED lights will last depends on several aspects, including:

  • The quality of the lights.
  • How often you use them for the business. If used for long hours, the lights typically have a smaller lifespan.
  • The environmental conditions surrounding the lights.
  • How often you maintain them.
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