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Residential Solar

Power your home and save thousands with solar

Solar panels are your passport to sustainable living and cost savings.

Explore Ecosaver’s solar solutions

Switch to solar with Ecosaver, and you achieve more than a lower carbon footprint. Our solutions harness the latest solar technology, helping you save up to $2,400 on your annual utility bills.

Plus, with our manufacturer warranty, there’s never been a better time to go green.

Power Your Future with Solar

Ecosaver is your trusted partner in the fight against climate change. Our affordable solar solutions will help you lower your environmental impact and reduce your reliance on unstable grid electricity, all while saving you thousands. Get in touch today to find out more.

The benefits of solar batteries

Solar batteries store all of the unused energy generated by your solar panels. They allow you to harness the sunlight when it’s at its strongest and use the resulting energy to power your home day and night. Doing so reduces your dependence on notoriously unpredictable grid electricity, helping you avoid power outages, save money, and work toward a greener Australia.

Switching to solar, made easy

1. Claim your free solar assessment to explore the advantages of going solar.
2. Our expert team will visit your location, provide suggestions, and outline our proposals.
3. Our expert technicians arrive to set up your system at your home.
4. When you’re content with your new solar setup, you can proceed with payment.
5. We stand by you for the long haul, making necessary tweaks to enhance your savings.
6. Reap the rewards of your solar investment and experience substantial cost savings.

Power your home with solar


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Ecosaver's Home Solar Packages

Package 1: Advantage
✔ Best for small properties and low-mid energy requirements
✔ Includes Goodwe 5kW Inverter and Q Cell 390W Split Cell Panels
Package 2: Premium
✔ Best for mid-large properties with moderate energy requirements
✔ Includes Fronius Primo 5kW Inverter and Q Cell 390W Split Cell Panels
Package 3: Premium Plus
✔ Best for large properties with significant energy requirements
✔ Includes Fronius Primo 5kW Inverter and Q Cell 390W Split Cell Panels
Package 4: Hybrid All-in-one
✔ The complete package for maximum performance.
✔ Includes Alpha ESS 5kW Inverter, Alpha ESS 10.3kWh battery, and Q Cell 390W Mono Split Cell Panels
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    There are a vast number of incentives available for home solar adoption, with eligibility varying by location and installation size. For example, homeowners in Victoria may qualify for a Solar Panel PV rebate of up to $1400 when they partner with an approved provider like Ecosaver. To learn more about all of the schemes and incentives available, get in touch and schedule a consultation today.

    Solar panels harness the sun’s rays to power your home with clean energy. This cuts your reliance on unsustainable grid electricity and significantly reduces your carbon footprint. By generating clean energy, home solar panels combat air pollution and lower greenhouse gas emissions, making your energy consumption environmentally responsible. As an added bonus, they will even help you save money.

    The right solar system for you will depend on several factors, including your energy needs, location, budget, and available space. The different packages we provide above are excellent guidelines to help you get started. But, to know your exact requirements, it’s important that you book an energy audit with a reputable provider like Ecosaver. We’ll walk you through the process and evaluate your energy needs to help you choose the system that’s best for your home.

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