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Renewable EnergyTarget Scheme(RET)

We work closely with Accredited Certificate Providers (ACPs) to help businesses and homeowners transition to sustainability, save more money, and take advantage of cost-saving schemes in Australia.


What is the Renewable Energy Target Scheme (RET)?

The Renewable Energy Target Scheme (RET) is a government initiative aimed at small and large-scale power stations. Here’s how it works.


The RET allows renewable power stations to attain energy certificates for every megawatt hour of electricity they generate. Power stations can be awarded either small-scale (STC) or large-scale (SGC) energy certificates based on the size of the renewable energy solution. 


Electricity retailers purchase these certificates to prove to the Clean Energy Regulator that they are meeting legal obligations. The RET allows business owners and homeowners to profit through their power stations as they complete their sustainability goals.


If you want to get started with the RET, Ecosaver is here to help. We’ll take care of compliance, ensure your upgrades meet the standards required, and generate energy savings certificates on your behalf. Get started today by talking to one of our experts.

Make the switch to sustainability easier with Ecosaver

Reach out today to start building your custom RET plan.

Small-scale renewable energy scheme (SRES)

The SRES offers financial incentives to small businesses and homeowners that install small-scale energy systems. Example projects include installing solar panels, wind turbines, solar water heaters or small-scale hydro systems with capacities of 100kW or less. When you partner with Ecosaver to design and install your small-scale renewable energy system, you’ll receive small-scale technology certificates (STCs) for every megawatt hour of electricity you generate. You can then sell these certificates to electricity retailers for profit.

Large-scale renewable energy scheme (LRET)

The LRET encourages corporations to generate a portion of their electricity from renewable sources. This scheme encompasses large-scale wind farms, solar farms and hydroelectric facilities.

After partnering with Ecosaver to install your large-scale renewable energy system, you’ll receive one large-scale generation certificate (LGC) for every megawatt hour of electricity you generate. Once you receive your certificates, you can then sell them back to electricity retailers. It’s really that easy.

How to get started with the RET scheme

Ecosaver’s end-to-end solutions make it easy to get started with renewable energy incentives. Simply get in touch—we’ll walk you through the process, audit your premises, offer expert advice, handle the installation and tackle all the paperwork on your behalf. Here’s how our process works.

  • We carry out a comprehensive energy audit of your premises to check for potential upgrades.
  • We create a report outlining our proposal and any schemes you can leverage.
  • If you agree with our proposal, we arrive on-site to carry out the installation for you.
  • We assess your new system and provide you with your new certificates.

If you’re looking to get started with the RET scheme, Ecosaver is an ally you can rely on. Connect with our team of experts or call 1300 32 67 87 today to learn how Ecosaver can help you get the best out of the RET.

Kickstart your sustainability journey

Ecosaver takes the stress out of securing the certificates you deserve. Get in touch today to chat with one of our experts and learn how the RET initiative can help you save money while you contribute toward a better future for Australia.


Yes. When it comes to making the switch to sustainability cheaper, we’re the ally you need. Our team of experts will thoroughly assess your premises to reveal every way you can save money as you transition to green energy. We’ll even present our findings to you in an easy-to-read report so you know exactly where your business stands. Reach out today to learn how we’re making sustainability more affordable for thousands of businesses across Australia.

The RET scheme offers STCs or LGCs for every megawatt hour of electricity you generate via renewable sources. Once you receive your certificates, you can sell them to electricity retailers, allowing you to make a larger profit. Plus, your new energy-efficient systems will significantly reduce your electricity bills, helping you save money in the long run.

You can sell or trade the certificates you attain to electricity retailers directly or through the REC registry. When you partner with Ecosaver, we’ll walk you through the process of achieving and selling your certificates so you always know exactly what you need to do to start making money.

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