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EcoSaver: Your Solar Specialists in Australia

EcoSaver: Your Solar Specialists in Australia

Are you ready to make the switch to solar? Ecosaver is a solar specialist, installing solar equipment for home and business premises across Australia with second-to-none solar service and excellent customer satisfaction.

Lower your electricity bills and use renewable energy with high quality solar power systems from Ecosaver. 

Read on to find out how Ecosaver’s energy-efficient products can provide a solar specialist for your business.

Who Is Ecosaver?

Ecosaver is an expert in providing renewable energy and energy-efficient products for commercial and residential buildings. 

Receive a custom design and a bespoke renewable energy system perfect for your business, ensuring you can maximise your energy savings and reduce your environmental carbon footprint.

Additionally, Ecosaver’s experts will assess your circumstances to determine whether you are eligible for subsidies or rebates. You can enjoy the benefits of energy-saving systems for a fraction of the cost.

What Is a Commercial Solar Installation?

A commercial solar installation involves installing solar panels on the roof of your commercial premises. 

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular across Australia, helping businesses lower their energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and meet environmental targets.

If your business is located in NSW or VIC, you could receive certain subsidies to make the cost of your solar installation cheaper and more affordable.

Are There Different Solar Panel System Sizes?

Ecosaver offers different solar installation system sizes to meet the varied needs of the commercial sector.

Small Businesses

A 30kW solar panel system is perfect for the smaller business if your usual energy bill is under $15,000. Up to 120 units of power can be obtained each day.


Medium Businesses

If your business is a medium size, a 50kW solar panel system is a great choice. This is also a good option for hospitals and large offices, generating 6200kW monthly.

Large Businesses

A 99kW solar panel system is tailored for large businesses and is the largest solar panel available for commercial businesses.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Panel Systems?

Here are our top 5 benefits of installing solar panels in your business:

1. Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Installing a solar PV system in your business will ensure that your electricity bill is reduced over time. One of your biggest overhead costs in business is energy, particularly if you need to use energy to produce the products or services you sell in the business.

Generally, you could save $400 each year for every kW of energy generated, although the exact amount of cash you will save will depend on your exact circumstances and system size. However, the best savings are realised overtime, particularly after any upfront costs are recovered.

2. Lower Carbon Emissions

As solar panels help you to generate electricity, you will achieve lower carbon emissions over time. Solar energy is renewable and is gained through the power of the sun’s rays. Traditionally, coal, oil or gas is used which are not renewable and which emit harmful emissions.

Many businesses have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), requiring that positive environmental impacts are made. Installing a solar panel system into your business is one definitive way to meet CSR targets.

3. Low Maintenance

Solar panel systems require low maintenance and often come with a guarantee of up to 30 years, ensuring that you receive value for money. 

You will need to ensure that the solar panels are cleaned every year or two, however, to ensure optimal performance.

4. Return on Investment

When paying for a solar panel system for your business, you are making a substantial investment with a significant upfront cost. It could take several years in payback time to recover the initial cost.

However, you can receive a good return on investment over time, ensuring that your solar panel installation is a sound financial decision as well as providing a clear environmental advantage.

5. Enhanced Reputation

Eco-friendly businesses are thriving right now as customers want to know that the companies they buy goods from are environmentally proactive with a conscience. 

Installing a solar panel system is a key way to boost the green reputation of your business, attracting new customers and ensuring that you are enhancing your brand.

Are Energy-Efficiency Certificates Available?

Depending on your location, an energy-efficiency certificate could be available once you have installed a solar panel system. 

Certificates are created to declare that a business has prevented one tonne of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere as a result of installing energy-saving systems. Certificates can then be sold and traded to generate additional income for the business.

Are There Different Types of Energy-Efficiency Certificates?

Different types of energy-saving certificates apply to different locations and companies.

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates

Companies in Victoria can apply for a Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC) for Commercial Solar, instigated by the Victorian government to encourage eco-friendly solutions.

VEECs are created for companies that have installed solar panels, upgraded to LED lighting, or installed heat pumps. VEECs can offer larger financial benefits than other certificate schemes.

Small Scale Technology Certificates

Small Scale Technology Certificates, or STCs, are issued for home and business premises under the Australia Government’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). Small Scale Technology Certificates are made for every MWh of electricity created.

Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs)

Large Scale Generation Certificates create green energy and a lower carbon footprint across Australia. Once again, a certificate is created for every MWh of electricity generated.

Once created as a result of implementing energy-saving schemes in business, you can trade the certificates to retailers to generate a good financial price.

Why Choose Ecosaver?

Are you now asking whether there are accredited solar installers near me? Ecosaver specialises in solar and can offer solutions for businesses in VIC, NSW, SA and QLD. 

As one of the clean energy council accredited solar companies in Australia, Ecosaver can assess the subsidies available to you as well as create energy-efficient certificates for the systems installed.

You will receive excellent customer service for your solar solutions, so contact Ecosaver today to talk to an expert or complete a FREE Audit & Quote.

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