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Door Seal Upgrade

Secure your free door seal with the VEU scheme

Claim your free door seal in Victoria with Ecosaver today.

How door seals save money

Draughty doors cost money. They allow air to escape and enter your home, making your heating and HVAC solutions less effective. Our free door seals stop draughty doors at the source, helping you save money while keeping your home at the perfect temperature. Win-win.

Claim your free Victorian door seal upgrade

Ecosaver’s complimentary door seals will help you reduce your utility costs, lower your carbon footprint, and keep your house at the optimum temperature year-round. Plus, it’s absolutely free. Reach out and schedule your consultation today to learn more.

What do I need to do to be eligible?

It’s quick and easy to claim your free door seal upgrade. To be eligible, all you need is:

> Own or rent a property in Victoria

> Partner with an approved provider like Ecosaver

It’s really that easy. As an approved provider under the Victorian Energy Upgrades scheme, Ecosaver has the certifications to deliver your upgrade entirely free of charge. Reach out today and book your consultation to start the process.

How to claim your free door seal upgrade

1. Begin by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Ecosaver.
2. We’ll clarify the process and evaluate your eligibility for a cost-free upgrade.
3. Once everything is in place, we’ll arrive at your home to install the door seal for you.
4. We’ll conduct an audit to help you realise the benefits of your upgrade.
5. Sit back, unwind, and relish the advantages of green energy.

Claiming your free door seal


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    Not at all. In fact, the opposite is true. A draughty door lets hot air into your home and prevents your HVAC system from working properly. As cool air escapes your home and hot air enters, the temperature of your home increases. A door seal keeps all of the cold air inside of your home, keeping you cool when it matters most.

    Heating and cooling your home doesn’t just cost you money. It also increases your carbon footprint. Door seals trap air inside of your home, meaning you spend less energy heating your premises. This saves you money and lowers your carbon footprint.

    The Victorian Energy Upgrades Scheme (VEU) is a government program in Victoria, Australia, dedicated to enhancing energy efficiency and curbing carbon emissions. VEU enables accredited providers such as Ecosaver to provide incentives and no-cost upgrades to homeowners. This initiative is a win-win, reducing your energy expenses while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to a greener Australia.

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