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Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Schemes in Victoria

Ecosaver promotes and works with several schemes to make Victoria more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.


Victorian Energy Saving Schemes That Help Businesses and Homeowners

Ecosaver works with various energy efficiency and energy-saving schemes in Victoria. We do this because these schemes offer businesses and households incentives and opportunities to convert to using energy-efficient technology and products. Some schemes come in the form of rebates and free products, and some offer points and tokens.

The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program (VEU) has many schemes and incentives that we offer products for, including rebates on heat pump water heaters and free products like energy monitors and door seals.

Contact Ecosaver today to get discounts and free products linked to these schemes.


Learn About and Use the Top Energy Saving Schemes in Victoria Through Ecosaver!

Scheme-by-scheme, you can make your household or business more energy efficient.

What Energy-Saving Schemes Are Ecosaver a Part of?

At Ecosaver, we link to multiple Victorian schemes that will slowly transform homes and businesses until they save more energy and lower their carbon footprint; the schemes include:

The Emissions Reductions Fund gives out carbon credits for every tonne of CO2 a business saves by using emission-reducing technology and practices.
We link with the Victorian Energy Reduction Target for zero carbon emissions by 2045.
The Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme gets electric retailers to think about sustainable practices.
Energy-saving schemes by the VEU incentivise businesses and households to upgrade to energy-saving products.
And more.

By partnering with these schemes, we offer lower prices and advocate for an upgrade to energy-efficient products and practices.

How Do You Use the Victorian Energy-Saving Schemes on Ecosaver?

We link with many schemes on Ecosaver, but how do they link to businesses and homeowners? The products we offer on Ecosaver link to energy-saving schemes, so you can get a rebate on part of or the entire cost removed from the product.

Here is how you can utilise the energy-saving schemes on Ecosaver:

> Fill out our contact form with your full name, number, email address and message.
> We will ask questions to determine your eligibility.
> Depending on the scheme, we will send out a professional to inspect your home or business to determine the type and size of product needed.
> We will arrange the delivery and installation of the energy-saving product.

Fill Out Ecosaver’s Contact Form to Get Involved in Victoria’s Schemes!

After we receive the contact form, we will determine your eligibility and arrange delivery and installation of the product. Contact us and read through the other schemes we partner with to see how you can make your home or business more energy-efficient.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Schemes in Victoria FAQs

The Emissions Reductions Fund’s ultimate aim is to reduce the carbon emissions that companies create; they operate nationally, not just in Victoria.

They give out carbon credits for every tonne of CO2 a business saves using emission-reducing technology and practices.

The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program (VEU) has multiple rebates for Victorian households. 

These rebates give Victorian homeowners and renters a certain amount of money off products that can save energy and help the environment. They also have schemes that offer free products that can save energy, like a door seal.

The VEU Program is a program by the Victorian Government to incentivise homeowners and businesses to use products that generate less energy; this saves you money on energy bills and has a positive environmental impact.

Their schemes include rebates on commercial heat pumps, a free exhaust fan seal and more.

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