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50kW Solar Panels for Mid-Large Businesses

Power towards sustainability with Ecosaver’s industry-leading 50kW solar panels.

Empower your Business with Solar Energy

When you switch to Ecosaver’s solar panels, you unlock more than just sustainability. You’ll cut your utility expenses, boost your corporate image, and reduce your reliance on unpredictable grid electricity, all while working toward a greener Australia. Reach out today to learn more.

Kickstart your solar journey

Ecosaver streamlines your journey to sustainability, offering high-power solar solutions that reduce your carbon footprint, save on costs, and support you in achieving complete energy independence. Secure your free consultation today.

Is a 50kW Solar System Right for Me?

Generating 6200 kW of alternating current per month on average, our 50kW solar panels are the perfect choice for mid-large scale businesses such as banks, hospitals, offices, retail companies and government bodies. Here are four reasons you should make the switch today:

>> Reliable electricity year-round.

>>Cost-effective power for a massive return on investment.

>>Long-lasting durability reduces the need for maintenance.

>> Environmentally friendly energy that reduces your carbon footprint.

Solar Energy: The Ecosaver Way

1. Free Audit: Schedule your complimentary audit to explore upgrade benefits
2. On-Site Assessment: We arrive to assess your premises and make recommendations
3. Expert Installation: Our in-house technicians arrive on-site and implement your system.
4. Payment: Once you’re satisfied, proceed with payment.
5. Ongoing Support: We offer full support, optimising your system to maximise savings.
6. Rewards: Claim the benefits of your new solar system and start saving money.
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Contact our professionals at 1300 32 67 87 (available between 9 AM to 5 PM) for your 30 kW commercial solar panel requirements.

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    There are a myriad of incentives available to those who adopt solar panels. Your ideal scheme depends on where your business is based and the size of your system. For example, NSW businesses can qualify for Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) for every megawatt-hour they save. Similarly, Victorians may be awarded Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) for every tonne of Carbon Dioxide they offset with their upgrade. To learn more about Australia’s government schemes and how they apply to you, reach out and schedule a consultation today.

    While a 50kW solar panel solution will typically be more than enough for most mid-large businesses, it’s crucial to assess your energy needs to determine the optimal system size. When you partner with Ecosaver, we’ll perform an audit of your property and evaluate your energy consumption habits to determine the best solar solution for you. 

    Ecosaver’s solar panels are of incredibly high quality, meaning they don’t require maintenance as frequently as alternatives. That said, occasional maintenance, such as annual cleaning, is a great way to boost your solar panel output. All in all, you can expect your system to last for decades if they are kept in good condition. Ecosaver also offers charge-free warranty claims for all solar products and installations.

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