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99kW Solar Panels for Large-Scale Businesses

Energise your large-scale business with maximum-efficiency commercial solar panels.

Powering progress with High-Efficiency Solar

Switch to Ecosaver’s 99kW solar solutions, and you access more than just sustainability. You’ll generate enough electricity to power your firm year-round, helping you save thousands annually on your utility bills, all while reinforcing your green corporate image. Reach out today to find out more.

Kickstart your solar journey

Ecosaver streamlines your journey to sustainability, offering high-power solar solutions that reduce your carbon footprint, save on costs, and support you in achieving complete energy independence. Secure your free consultation today.

Is a 99kW Solar System Right for Me?

As the largest available solar panels categorised under the small-scale stream, Ecosaver’s 99kW solar panels are the perfect choice for large-scale commercial businesses that demand more from their renewables. Here are four ways our 99kW solar panels can help you go green.

>> A huge power output year-round, helping you achieve total energy independence.
>> High-quality resilience for long-lasting durability and minimal maintenance.
>> Negligible operating costs and massive cost savings.
>> Sustainable energy that contributes toward your green brand image.

The Ecosaver Process for Large-Scale Solar

1. Free Audit: Book your cost-free audit to uncover upgrade advantages.
2. On-Site Evaluation: Our team assesses your location and draws up a proposal.
3. Skilled Setup : Our in-house experts manage your on-site installation.
4. Payment Process: After your approval, we proceed with payment.
5. Support: We provide continuous support, fine-tuning your system for maximum savings.
6. Benefits : Reap the advantages of your new solar system and commence saving.

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    We understand your business is constantly growing. That’s why our solar systems are designed with scalability in mind. As your trusted sustainability partner, we’ll be on hand to provide further upgrades and services as you require them. Whether it’s adding new solar panels to your array or upgrading your entire system, we’ll adapt our strategy to help you meet your growing energy requirements.

    There are dozens of unique incentives available for businesses that install solar panels. The best schemes for you will depend on your business location and size. Take, for instance, New South Wales, where businesses can harness the Energy Savings Scheme to claim financial incentives when they contribute to green energy. Similarly, in Victoria, Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) are provided to any business that offsets carbon dioxide emissions with their sustainable upgrade. Learn more about Australia’s government programs by getting in touch and scheduling your consultation today.

    Large-scale solar farms massively reduce greenhouse gas emissions by generating clean, renewable energy using the sun’s rays. They offer a vital way of reducing the carbon footprint of large-scale businesses, and help to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for Australia.

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