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Victoria Solar Rebates

With Ecosaver, you can get a new solar system with a $1400 rebate.


Excellent Solar Panel Products Are More Accessible With the Solar Rebate

Ecosaver can arrange for your purchase and installation of new solar panels under the Victoria solar rebate. The idea behind the rebate is to make solar panels and renewable energy more accessible and affordable than ever. 

The solar rebate covers the cost of new panels by up to $1400, or 50% of the total product cost if it costs less than $1400. For example, if you buy a solar panel product that costs $800, you get $400 in the rebate.   

Contact Ecosaver today to check your eligibility and order your new solar panels.


Upgrade to Solar Panels Today With the Solar Rebate!

Under the Victoria solar rebate, you can move to renewable energy today!

How To Check if You're Eligible for the Victoria Solar Rebate

Before you can contact Ecosaver and arrange the purchase, delivery and installation of new solar panels, you must check if you’re eligible against the following criteria:

You must have an existing home (standing or under construction).
You must have a combined total household income of under $180,000.
Under the Solar Homes Program, you must have no solar panels or battery rebates.
Your home must have a value of under 3 million; if under construction, the value of your house must be under 3 million when finished.

If you check these criteria and are eligible for the solar rebate, you can contact Ecosaver and begin the next step.

How Do You Claim Your Solar Panels From Ecosaver?

Once you know you’re eligible, you can contact Ecosaver to arrange the delivery and installation of solar panels. We aim to make the entire process as easy for you as possible because we understand that you may not purchase solar panels without the solar rebate.

Here are the key steps you must follow to obtain solar panels from Ecosaver under the rebate:

> Contact Ecosaver to get a quote for solar panels from us.
> Next, we will take the quote format and upload it to Solar Victoria.
> Even if you checked your eligibility informally, you must now take Solar Victoria’s official test.
> We will claim your subsidy for you and deduct the amount from the total purchase price.
> You only need to pay the balance after we install the solar panels.

Get a Quote From Ecosaver Today to Get Your Solar Rebate!

If you choose Ecosaver to arrange your solar rebate, you will experience an easy and efficient process that requires little involvement from you. If you want to transfer to sustainable energy, contact Ecosaver today!

Victoria Solar Rebate FAQs

The maximum value of the Victoria solar rebate is up to $1400 (as of October 2023) or 50% of the solar panel price if it is lower than $1400.

For example, buying a new solar panel system for $2000 will get you a $1000 rebate.

It is most certainly worth getting solar panels in Victoria because the year-round climate is suitable for them.

Victoria has excellent conditions for solar panels because it has an average of 2200 hours of sunlight yearly. Solar panels need sunlight to operate efficiently, so Victoria’s weather is ideal.

The Solar Home rebate allows low-income households to purchase and install solar panels. You must be eligible for the solar rebate to reap the rewards.

To be eligible for the solar rebate, you must have an existing house with a total household income of less than $180,000.

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