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Small-Scale Generation Certificates (STCs)

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What are Small-Scale Technology Certificates?

Small-Scale Technology Certificates, commonly known as STCs, are credits provided by the Federal Government under the Renewable Energy Target scheme. The government issues these credits to reward businesses and homeowners that reduce their carbon footprint and generate a portion of their electricity through renewables.

When you implement an eligible small-scale renewable energy system, such as a rooftop solar system, you’ll receive credits for every megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity your new installation generates. You can then sell these credits to energy retailers for profit, helping to offset the cost of installation.

To get started with STCs, the key is to ally with a trusted partner like Ecosaver. We’ll handle compliance, take care of installation, and help you claim your certificates. Book your free consultation to start your sustainability journey today.

Start saving with STCs

When you switch to solar with Ecosaver, you’ll save money, lower your carbon footprint, and work toward a greener future for Australia. As an approved provider, we’ll also ensure you get the STCs you deserve. With Ecosaver, sustainability never looked so simple.

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To kickstart your journey and start generating STCs, the key is to partner with an approved provider like Ecosaver. We’ll handle everything from audit to installation and beyond, taking care of compliance to ensure you get your hard-earned certificates. Get in touch today.

What do I need to be eligible?

As STCs are part of the Federal RET scheme, they’re available to every business and homeowner in Australia. That said, the amount of legislation can make the whole process rather overwhelming.

That’s where Ecosaver comes in. We’ll walk you through the process, from beginning to end, to ensure you get the certificates you’ve earned.

How do I Get Started?

1. Book your free consultation with our team.
2. We’ll audit your premises and tell you everything you need to know about STCs.
3. Once we’ve agreed on a solution, we’ll install your solar system on your behalf.
4. Once you’re happy, you can proceed with payment.
5. We’ll conduct a final energy audit.
6. We’ll put in the leg work to ensure you get your certificates.
7. You sell the certificates for a profit and relish the advantages of energy efficiency.

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    The Renewable Energy Target scheme is a federal government initiative aimed at large and small-scale energy producers. The scheme allows businesses and homeowners to receive STCs for every megawatt-hour of electricity they produce with an eligible upgrade. They can then sell these STCs to energy retailers to offset the cost of installation. 

    STCs have an expiration date, typically five years from the date of creation. They can be transferred to other registered agents or liable entities. If an STC expires before it is sold or transferred, it becomes invalid and cannot be used.

    No, STCs are specifically designed to encourage the uptake of small-scale renewable energy systems in the electricity sector. They cannot be used to offset emissions from other sources or sectors.

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