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Heat Pump Free Upgrades in Victoria

Ecosaver has multiple heat pump products for a VEU program free upgrade.


Excellent Heat Pump Options for Victorian Homes

Ecosaver has multiple heat pump products because they are the latest technology for keeping a home warm. We offer an excellent all-in-one heat pump system and a split system with a heat pump and a tank.

All of our systems are powerful and can heat an entire home effectively. They are also quiet and won’t disturb you, making them excellent if you work from home. Finally, our heat pump products are easy for anyone with limited experience to install.

Contact us today to arrange the purchase and installation of a new heat pump.


Upgrade to the future of home heating and purchase a heat pump today!

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How Do Heat Pumps Work to Heat a Home Efficiently?

Heat pump water heaters use a sophisticated process that makes them more effective and efficient than an electrical system. Here is how heat pumps work:

You need a cold water supply for the home.
The fan unit will extract hot air from even the coldest breeze.
After this, the condenser coil will transfer the captured heat to the water.
Air compression is what makes the air and water hotter.
Finally, the system will fully circulate the hot water around the taps.

This process can heat your entire home while saving money on energy bills.

The Benefits of Using a Heat Pump Hot Water System

Seeing the process of heat pump hot water systems may not win you over because you’re happy with your current system. We can convince you by displaying the main benefits of using a heat pump over electricity.

Here is how you will benefit when you use a heat pump hot water system:

> Heat pumps are more energy efficient than an electrical system (60% less energy) by transferring heat from the air to your water supply.
> Because they can reduce your house’s carbon footprint, heat pumps save on energy bills.
> Our tanks have excellent warranties—two years on labour, five years on the compressor and seven years on the tank.
> You can get excellent hot water at any time.

Experience the Benefits of Heat Pumps By Purchasing One Today!

If you purchase and install a heat pump product, you can access hot water anytime while paying less on your energy bills. Contact us today to arrange the purchase and installation of your new heat pump product!

Heat Pump Hot Water System FAQs

When installing a heat pump water heater, the best place is inside and outside the house because there are multiple components.

The outdoor heat pump unit contains the condenser coil and the condenser. Conversely, the heat pump’s indoor unit has an air blower and evaporator coil.

Here are some essential ‘don’ts’ regarding the use of heat pumps:

  • Don’t place your existing heating products at maximum temperature.
  • Don’t constantly change the heat pump’s settings.
  • Don’t place the heat pump’s fan speed on low.
  • Don’t forget to maintain the heat pump.
  • Don’t set the pump to Auto mode.

A heat pump water system will find it challenging to consistently heat your home if you have poor insulation. Additionally, if you have gaps in your insulation and live in a windy local area, you may often experience drafts that affect the heat pump’s performance.

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