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Check Your Energy Usage in Real-Time in Victoria

Ecosaver offers energy motors, so you can always check your usage.


The VEU Program Offers Free Energy Monitors to Victorian Households

The Victorian Energy Upgrades Program (VEU) wants to promote energy efficiency by offering free in-home display energy monitors for Victorian households. Ecosaver offers the Emerald EMS as a part of this program, which helps you manage your energy efficiency level. By using the Emerald EMS, you can reduce your carbon footprint.

The EMS gives you real-time information that explains your current and past energy usage. With this information, you can determine the areas with higher usage and seek to lower them. Ultimately, the EMS can help you pay much less for your energy bills. 

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Get Your Free In-Home Display Energy Monitor Today to Reduce Energy Consumption!

Read your energy consumption levels and work out how to improve.

The Advantages of Getting an In-Home Display Energy Monitor From Ecosaver

Ecosaver isn’t the only provider of in-home display energy monitors in Victoria. Still, we offer multiple benefits that make us a brilliant option for you to get your free unit. Here are some advantages of getting an energy monitor from Ecosaver:

We will provide and install an energy monitor without committing you to a subscription.
The Emerald EMS is easy to install.
You can use it immediately by connecting to the EMS app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
The EMS app has no hidden fees.

Using Ecosaver to get an in-home display monitor means you can get all the advantages without extra costs.

What Makes You Eligible for an In-Home Display Energy Monitor in Victoria?

The VEU aims to provide an in-home display energy monitor for as many Victorian homes as possible. The more homes with an energy monitor, the more people will be aware of their energy consumption. However, you still need to meet eligibility criteria to get a unit.

Here are the eligibility criteria for the VEU energy monitor program in Victoria:

> You must have a current account with a participating electricity retailer.
> You must rent or own a Victorian Property.
> Your property mustn’t have a previously installed energy monitor.

Check Your Eligibility and Get a Free Energy Monitor Today!

An energy monitor can improve your energy consumption level and save you money. Check your eligibility to get a free energy monitor and start saving today!

In-Home Display Monitors FAQs

The most critical benefit from an in-home display energy monitor is seeing the energy you use.

This energy information can be crucial because you can use it to change your energy usage habits, such as leaving lights on too long.

While some display energy monitors have battery power, there is more chance of them not working after you replace the batteries.

The best way to ensure a secure connection for the energy monitor is to plug it into the wall close to your electricity meter.

In-home display energy monitors give accurate energy readings because they connect to various meters in the house.

For example, they wirelessly connect to smart meters for electricity and gas. The energy monitor takes the relevant usage numbers and presents them to you so you can see your usage habits.

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