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Ecosaver is helping Victorians transition to sustainability with confidence.


End-to-end Sustainability Solutions for Businesses in Victoria

Running your business costs a lot of money. Ecosaver makes your life easier. We provide four core services to businesses in Victoria:

Our high-efficiency LED lighting solutions last up to 25 times longer and use at least 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Our ultra-modern heat pumps supply reliable hot water all year round, all while using up to 60% less energy.

Our efficient HVAC upgrades save you money, keep your premises warm when you require it, and well-ventilated when you don’t.

Our all-in-one commercial solar systems safeguard you from rising energy costs while helping you lower your emissions. Plus, as an accredited provider of Victoria Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs), we’re making the switch to solar more affordable than ever before.

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Ally with Victoria’s leading energy-efficiency partner.

Affordable sustainability solutions for your home

As a trusted partner of the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) scheme, Ecosaver is paving the way toward affordable sustainability for homeowners in Victoria.

Cost-effective home solar systems for long-term energy savings.
Affordable HVAC systems for reliable heating and massive cost savings.
Efficient lighting upgrades for:
>Free showerhead upgrades for eligible homeowners under the VEU program
> Free energy monitors for eligible homeowners as part of the VEU initiative.
> Free door seals for eligible Victorian homeowners
> Free exhaust fan seals for eligible homeowners in Victoria

With so many cost-saving sustainable solutions, it can be tricky to know where to start. Reach out today to discuss your personalised energy-saving plan with our team of experts.

Why Choose Ecosaver as your Trusted Ally for Sustainability in Victoria?

With more than a decade of experience serving Victoria’s businesses and homeowners, Ecosaver has the expertise and certifications to make your transition to sustainability faster, easier, and more affordable.

We’re more than a consultancy. We’re your auditor, reliable advisor, in-house technician, and trusted partner, all wrapped into one.

1) We conduct an energy audit of your premises to discover potential improvements
2) We present our findings to you in an accessible, easy-to-read report.
3) We inform you of any schemes and initiatives you can take advantage of.
4) Once you agree with our proposal, we arrive on site to install the upgrades for you.
5) We handle the decommissioning of old items, so you don’t have to.
6) We provide all necessary support to make sure your new upgrade works as intended.
7) As accredited providers, we reward you with any financial incentives you’ve earned.

Kickstart your sustainability journey

Whether it’s energy-efficient LED upgrades for your business, a solar system for your premises, or a free upgrade for your home, there are a lot of reasons to count on Ecosaver for your sustainability solutions. If you’re trying to make the switch to green energy seamless, get in touch today to talk to our experts.


The VEU scheme is a state-level initiative in Victoria that aims to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The scheme provides incentives to homes and businesses that undertake energy-saving projects, such as upgrading lighting, installing modern lighting, or investing in solar. And, when partnering with an accredited provider like Ecosaver, participants will even receive sellable Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates as a reward for transitioning to sustainable alternatives.

VEECs are tokens of credit offered by the Australian government to businesses and homeowners that install eligible energy-efficient upgrades with an accredited provider like Ecosaver. Once we install a sustainable solution on your behalf, such as a solar system or modern HVAC system, we’ll provide you with one VEEC for every tonne of CO2 your new upgrade offsets. You can then sell your VEECs back to energy retailers for profit.

Ecosaver’s energy upgrades are more than a way to lower your carbon footprint. They’re also a great way to save money amidst rising energy bills. Efficient LED lighting is up to 25 times more efficient, helping you save up to 80% per year on your energy bills. HVAC systems keep your premises warm while reducing heating costs by hundreds of dollars annually. Modern heat pumps supply hot water while using up to 60% less energy. Plus, as a trusted partner of the VEU scheme, we can even help you generate certificates and make money when you install your energy upgrades. With Ecosaver, the path to sustainability has never been more affordable.

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