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Sustainable energy upgrades for the banking industry

Ecosaver is leading the way toward energy efficiency in the banking industry. We’re making it easier than ever before for banks to transition to sustainable alternatives, lower their carbon footprint and save money.

We understand that every bank prides itself on an exceptional standard of service. Whether it’s upgrading your lighting to LED bulbs, improving your heating and ventilation system, or using solar to power your firm, our end-to-end solutions ensure you benefit from sustainability without compromising on quality.

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Boost your banking firm with sustainable energy solutions

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Our Services for the Banking Industry

  • Comprehensive energy audits  - We’ll conduct an in-depth assessment of your facilities, going the extra mile to identify energy efficiency opportunities. Then, we’ll deliver our findings and propose solutions in a clear, concise report.
  •  Feasibility studies  - We’ll explore all avenues to provide you with an authentic breakdown of the feasibility of our proposed changes, allowing you to make informed decisions about next steps.
  • Project implementation - If you’re happy with our proposal, our in-house technicians will arrive on-site to implement all upgrades, all while ensuring you never experience a loss of service.
  • Decommissioning - We’ll handle all outdated items for you, decommissioning them in line with national standards, so you don’t need to worry about disposing of old materials.
  • Assessment and improvement - We’ll continually evaluate the effectiveness of your new energy system, inform you of your new carbon footprint, and suggest further improvements as required.

Why Choose Ecosaver?

With years of industry experience, strict regulatory standards, and a commitment to sustainability, we’re the perfect partner to support you on your climate change journey. Book your complimentary energy audit today to get started.

Get Started with Sustainability

With the threat of climate change looming, there’s never been a better time to get started with sustainability. Contact EcoSaver today to find out more.


Ecosaver is more than a consultancy firm. We’re a green energy installer, reliable information provider, site auditor and team of technicians all in one. From our initial audit right up to the implementation of your energy systems and beyond, we’ll be your trusted partner, committed to helping you save more money and build a better environment for your customers and staff.

Once we’ve implemented your new energy-efficient systems, we’ll audit your business again, providing you with a thorough report detailing how much you’ve lowered your carbon footprint and how much money you can expect to save. We’ll also suggest further improvements and make adjustments to your new system as required to help you stay on the cusp of innovation.

LEDs and modern HVAC systems do more than improve your energy efficiency; they’re also a great way to enhance the customer experience. LED lighting reduces eye strain and makes your premises look warmer and more inviting. HVAC systems help you keep your banks at the optimum temperature all year round. Get in touch today to learn how modern energy-efficient systems can help your banking firm create a better environment for your customers and staff alike.

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