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Paving the path to sustainability for aged care facilities

As one of Australia’s leading approved providers of energy-efficiency solutions, we’re committed to paving the path to sustainability for aged care facilities. When it comes to the aged care industry, providing an incredible standard of service comes before all else. That’s why our sustainability solutions help you lower your carbon footprint, all while ensuring you never compromise the high quality of service you pride yourself on. Whether it’s a solar system upgrade, LED lighting system or new HVAC installation, Ecosaver has the end-to-end energy solution to help you transition to sustainability with confidence. Reach out today to find out more.


Aged care sustainability that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Get in touch today to discuss your custom energy plan.

Our Services for the Aged Care Industry

  • Comprehensive energy audits - We’ll perform a thorough evaluation of your facilities to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and schemes you may be eligible for. Then, we’ll present our recommendations in a transparent report.
  • Feasibility studies - We’ll investigate all options to provide an authentic breakdown of the feasibility of our proposed changes, empowering your aged care facility to make informed decisions.
  • Project implementation - Once you’re happy with our proposal, our in-house technicians will arrive at your location to implement all upgrades without disrupting your service.
  • Decommissioning - We’ll handle all outdated equipment in compliance with national standards, so you don’t need to worry about disposal.
  • Assessment and improvement - We’ll assess the effectiveness of your new energy solution, provide insights into your carbon footprint, and recommend further improvements as needed.

Why Choose Ecosaver?

Whether it’s a comprehensive solar system, LED lighting upgrade or modern HVAC solution, we have the expertise, credentials, and commitment to make your climate goals a reality. Reach out and book your free energy audit today.

Get Started with Sustainability

Sustainability doesn’t have to mean inconvenience and high costs. Our end-to-end solutions make it easier and more affordable for you to transition to sustainability. Reach out today to learn how Ecosaver is taking the hassle out of going green.


Yes. Whether you’re based in Victoria, NSW, ACT or SA, Ecosaver has the knowledge and expertise to help you leverage the government schemes relevant to you. Plus, as an accredited provider of energy systems, we have the credentials to install all eligible upgrades on your behalf, ensuring you can realise the full financial benefits of all of the state-level initiatives on offer. Reach out to find out about the schemes you should be taking advantage of today.


No. We understand and respect the importance of your aged care facility. When you partner with us, we’ll perform feasibility studies to determine the energy solutions that won’t compromise the quality of your service. Then, when you agree with our proposal, our team of in-house technicians will arrive on-site to implement the changes quickly and without disruption.

Ecosaver’s energy upgrades are more than a great way to save money. They also contribute toward a better client experience. Modern solar solutions provide reliable power and cost savings all year round, all while ensuring you’ll never be affected by sudden power cuts. LEDs provide better, warmer lighting while being up to 25 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. HVAC systems provide warmth when you need it and superior ventilation when you don’t. Reach out today to learn how Ecosaver’s custom energy solutions can help you make your aged care facility more comforting for your clients and staff alike. 

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