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Excellent Solar Panel Systems for Residential Homes

Ecosaver can provide solar panels under the solar panel (PV) rebate.


Get Excellent Solar Panels Under the Victorian Solar Rebate

Ecosaver offers high-quality solar panel products to homes in Victoria. We do this in line with the solar (PV) rebate, which gives you up to $1400 to go towards solar panels for your roof. Solar Victoria offers a rebate to convince more households to make the change to solar panels.

Solar panels are better for the environment and can also save you money. They don’t rely on the electric grid. Therefore, they can reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, you can save on electricity bills because they generate electricity from sunlight.

Contact Ecosaver today to arrange the delivery and installation of new solar panels.


Upgrade to a More Sustainable Option With Excellent Solar Panels From Ecosaver!

You can get money off from the rebate to make them more affordable.

How Can You Benefit By Using Solar Panels for Electricity?

Aside from being cheaper because of the rebate, you should consider solar panels for your roof for several different reasons. Solar panels can help because:

They generate their electricity from sunlight, which reduces your electricity bills.
They are a renewable energy source, so they can reduce your carbon footprint.
They can potentially increase your home’s value.
They last for a long time and require limited maintenance.
If you get a solar battery, you can store excess electricity.

For all these reasons, solar panels are one of the best products to add to your home to be more sustainable and save money.

Why Should You Choose Ecosaver for New Solar Panels in Victoria?

Because of the popularity of the solar rebate, solar panels are an extremely competitive product, so you must ensure you choose the right product and provider. Ecosaver has many services that make us a brilliant solar panel provider.

Here is why Ecosaver is the best provider of residential solar panels in Victoria:

> We offer a range of solar panel sizes so you can get the right product for your home.
> Our knowledgeable Ecosaver support team can help with any solar-related questions.
> We can offer a roof inspection to help you find the perfect solar panels.
> We can help you process your rebate claim.

Choose Ecosaver and Get Your Solar Panels Today!

Ecosaver can offer you more beyond purchasing and installing your solar panels; you can contact us anytime for advice and queries. Fill out our contact form to get in touch and arrange new solar panels for your roof!

Residential Solar Panel FAQs

You must tell your electricity provider that you have solar panels. 

Do this so the electricity provider can manage the flow of electricity into your home. By doing this, you will experience a reliable supply of energy. Also, they can bill you accurately with knowledge of your solar panels.

Even though solar panels can amount to massive savings for electricity bills, the amount can increase.

For example, solar panels generate less electricity at night. So, if you use electricity often at night, you will use more than the panels can generate.

Setting up your solar panels to work with your smart meter is possible.

The easiest way to do this is by setting up the link straight after installing the solar panels.

You can see the accurate energy readings when you link the solar panels and smart meter.

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