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Ecosaver is dedicated to helping households in Victoria transition to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. With our range of residential solutions, you can take advantage of energy-saving products and rebates, all while playing your part in conserving the environment.

Dive into our offerings below to see how you can make a difference in your home today.

Sustainable living starts here

From solar rebates to energy monitors, we have the eco-solutions you need. Dive into a world of energy savings with Ecosaver!

What residential services do we offer?

1. Shower heads
2. Energy monitors
3. Door seals
4. Exhaust fan seals
5. Solar

Shower heads

Under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, every Victorian household is entitled to receive a complimentary water-efficient shower head.

Product Highlights: Daintree Water-Saving Shower Rose & Melba Water-Saving Shower, 4-Star WELS rating, adjustable settings for a comfortable shower experience.

Energy Monitor

Take control with an in-home display energy monitor. Through the VEU program, every household in Victoria can obtain a real-time energy monitor, enabling them to monitor energy usage and make informed decisions.

Product Highlights:Emerald EMS for real-time energy monitoring, downloadable app for insights on-the-go, real-time energy data and personalized recommendations.

Door Seals

Claim your free door seal for Victorian homes. Take advantage of complimentary door seals available for all Victorian households under the VEU program, reducing air leakage and enhancing indoor temperature control.

Benefits: Prevents up to 25% heat loss, ensures doors remain sealed, promoting energy efficiency.

Exhaust Fan Seals

Get your free fan seal in Victoria. Protect your home from temperature fluctuations and improve indoor air quality with complimentary exhaust fan seals.

Benefits: Lower air-conditioning costs, improve overall comfort, enhance indoor air quality.

Solar Rebates

Obtain a $1,400 solar rebate in Victoria. The state government's initiative makes renewable energy more affordable. Access rebates and interest-free loans for solar installations in your home.

Benefits: Up to 50% cost coverage via rebates, assistance throughout the solar installation process, expertise from an approved solar retailer.

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    The installation process is straightforward. First, register through our contact form. Next, an Ecosaver member will reach out to confirm your eligibility and schedule an installation date. Finally, our certified installers will come to your property at the scheduled time and handle the installation process for you.

    Absolutely not; we are completely transparent on this. If you choose our services under the VEU program, there are no hidden fees or contractual obligations. Ecosaver aims to help Victorian households and businesses adopt renewable energy and sustainable practices without any unexpected costs.

    Yes! As long as you have an account with a participating retailer and live in a property located in Victoria, you can avail of the VEU offerings. Some products might require consent from the property owner for installation.

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