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Why Opt For an LED Lighting Upgrade?

Why Opt For an LED Lighting Upgrade?

Are you gaining the best value from your commercial lighting? Reduce energy usage with an LED lighting upgrade today from Ecosaver, providing the best lighting solution to meet the needs of your business.

But, why should you opt for an LED lighting upgrade and what benefits can your business enjoy? 

Read on as we explain why you should get in touch with Ecosaver for your LED lighting upgrade now!

What Is an LED Lighting Upgrade?

An LED lighting upgrade replaces the lighting fixtures in your business with energy-saving modern LED lighting. 

You can enjoy brighter lighting throughout your premises whilst saving money on your energy bills and providing a positive environmental benefit.

What Are the Benefits of an LED Lighting Upgrade?

An LED lighting installation upgrade can deliver a variety of benefits for your business. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of LED light replacement in your business:

1. Reduced Costs

LED bulb installation can result in lower lighting costs for your business when paying your energy bill. In some cases, your electricity bill could be 70% lower than when you used inefficient lights to light up your premises due to the benefits of LED technology.

3. Reduced Emissions

By using energy-efficient LEDs, you will use less energy and generate lower levels of CO2 emissions. In the long term, LED replacements will help your business meet its lower carbon emission targets and obligations.

3. Increased Reliability

LED bulbs are quality products that will offer your premises greater longevity than traditional light bulbs, gaining superb value for money and reliability.

4. Better Workspace

LED lighting provides a cool white light across the premises, offering superior lighting and creating a better workspace for your workforce. This could lead to a much more productive company.

5. Reduced Maintenance

Once you have received an LED upgrade, you can enjoy reduced maintenance costs for your new lighting fixtures. Offering a lifespan of over 10 years per bulb, LED bulbs require much less maintenance than traditional bulbs.

How Much Does LED Installation Cost?

Depending on your circumstances and the area that you are located in, you could successfully apply for an energy-saving scheme that subsidises your LED installation. 

This means that you could receive a full LED installation across your premises for very little cost, or no cost at all. 

Depending on the incentives available, you could apply for schemes relevant to commercial and residential properties.

Is LED Lighting a Good Investment?

An LED lighting upgrade is a significant investment for your business. 

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should make LED lighting your next big investment:

1. Environmental Benefits

Using LED bulbs are much better for the environment, reducing your energy usage and providing a positive impact on the environment.


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2. Simple Installation

When Ecosaver upgrades your premises to LED bulbs, you will receive a simple installation.

3. Increased Quality

The light emitted by LED bulbs is of a much higher quality, providing a cool white light that reduces eye strain.

4. Boost Productivity

LED bulbs can create a better workspace, boosting productivity across your premises.


What Energy Saving Schemes Are Currently Available?

Here are some of the energy-saving schemes available in some areas of Australia:


NSW are offering commercial LED upgrades at a very small cost to the business. Some businesses may only need to pay $33 as a one-off cost and you must have at least 15 fluorescent ceiling fixtures to replace.

The reason behind this incentive is to help NSW achieve their lower emissions targets as LED bulbs can require less energy use and lower emissions. Your business can also enjoy lower electricity bills.

Businesses in NSW could also be eligible for an incentive to replace the hot water heat pump, pumping lower costs into your business to receive hot water at all times.

Heat pumps rely on electricity to transfer heat to the water storage tank, eliminating the need for coal, oil or gas in your business and lowering your carbon emissions substantially.


Some companies in Victoria could still be eligible for an LED upgrade under the energy-saving schemes. Conditions apply, however, with most incentives being granted for non-building locations at the moment.

Under such schemes, Victoria’s commercial premises could be eligible for other HVAC upgrades, installing energy-efficient air conditioning and heating appliances so you use less energy. You could upgrade your hot water system to a heat pump, subsidised by the scheme.

Various residential energy-saving schemes could also be open to Victoria’s homeowners, such as a free exhaust fan seal, or a free door seal to prevent heat loss. Residents could also gain a free water-saving showerhead or an in-home display energy monitor, helping you to use less energy and save money on energy bills. 

What Are VEECs?

VEECs are Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates that can be issued to companies in Victoria that have undertaken energy-saving measures to meet Victorian Energy Efficiency Targets under the VEET scheme. 

For example, a VEEC could be issued to you if you have upgraded your lighting system or installed solar panels. You could sell the VEEC to generate income for your business as a result.

Ecosaver can help you determine whether a VEEC is possible for your business, assessing your eligibility for the scheme.

Why Should I Choose Ecosaver?

Ecosaver is an expert in implementing energy-saving measures for businesses and residents across VIC, NSW, QLD and SA. Ecosaver could help you install an LED lighting upgrade in no time at all, tailoring your installation to meet the specific needs of your business.

Talk to an expert now or complete a FREE Quote & Audit today and find out which energy-saving schemes you are eligible for, taking the first step towards saving energy, saving money and reducing emissions.

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