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A Brighter Future: How to Save on Commercial Lighting

A Brighter Future: How to Save on Commercial Lighting

If you want to save money within your business, you may have considered switching your current lighting structure. Whether you’re in a retail space or a storage facility, the lighting you use can impact your ability to work effectively, so getting it wrong can cause significant issues.

However, many business owners currently use inefficient and costly commercial lights simply because they don’t know their other options. Keep reading to find out more about commercial lighting solutions and cost efficiency.

Commercial Lighting Solutions

With many commercial lighting projects currently available, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed by choice. So, we have broken down a few of the most popular commercial lighting solutions you can find in Australia. Learn more below.

Commercial LED Lighting

LED lighting uses light-emitting diodes for a safe and efficient light source. LED lights use less energy than other lighting sources and can last for up to 100,000 hours, meaning you won’t be changing them often! LED lights are perfect for commercial spaces because of their longevity, versatility, and efficiency.

Full-Spectrum Lighting

This kind of lighting is used to replicate natural light by emitting light rays from the full spectrum of light (red to violet). It is an eye-friendly light type and is often found in commercial spaces like offices and conference halls. It could be a good choice for retail spaces, too.

Halogen Lighting

A traditional solution, halogen bulbs provide lighting through the reaction of electricity with halogen gas. It offers powerful light levels and has a lifespan of about 5,000 hours. Commercial applications for this kind of lighting include floodlights, spotlights, factories, large warehouses, and outdoor lighting.

Fluorescent Lighting

Another form of lighting that requires the reaction of electrical currents with encased gas, this lighting type produces white light but can be manipulated into other colours with different coloured bulbs. It has a lifespan of 24,000 hours.

Incandescent Lighting

An old and basic lighting solution, this style uses filaments that glow when electricity passes through them. You will often find this light type in office space and warehouses as it is cheap and low maintenance for building owners. It only has a lifespan of 1,000 hours.

Best Commercial Lighting for Cost Efficiency

We wholly recommend commercial LED lighting for reduced energy consumption, a lowered carbon footprint, and decreased energy costs. While there are many commercial lighting types, making the switch to LED lights can have a huge impact on your efficiency as a business.

LED commercial lighting does not use heat, nor is it made up of any moving parts, meaning that it lasts a long time, does not degrade quickly, and will not need to be changed often. It has an extremely long lifespan and does not use hazardous materials or chemicals, so disposal is easy too.

As it uses much less electricity to power, and less energy is lost to heat, LED lighting saves you money on bills and reduces your energy consumption overall. In addition, there are many commercial lighting schemes throughout Australia that offer business owners money to install efficient commercial lights (read: LED lighting) in their space for discounted rates or rebates. One such scheme is the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, among many others.

If you’re concerned about style and aesthetics, you needn’t be. Commercial LED lighting now comes in many forms, including track lighting, spotlights, and more. You can also check the colour rendering index of the LEDs you choose to ensure that they cast your space in the best light possible.

Conclusion: Cost-Effective Lighting in Commercial Buildings

If you’re considering upgrading your lighting solutions in your commercial space, then LED lighting is the one to choose. With many options suitable for commercial applications, including track lighting and spotlights, making the switch to efficient and cost-effective lighting is easy.

For expert advice and guidance on making the switch, more information on government rebates and discount schemes, and information on cost-saving LEDs, contact Ecosaver today.

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