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9 Benefits of Efficient Warehouse Lighting

9 Benefits of Efficient Warehouse Lighting

You can save money on replacing traditional industrial warehouse lights if you upgrade to an efficient LED solution. LED’s use up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and they can last up to 25x longer. 

Efficient lighting solutions can benefit your business in other ways financially, improve your environmental impact, and boost your reputation regarding sustainability.

Our guide will explain why the time is now to upgrade to efficient LED warehouse lighting.

What Are the Top Benefits of Having An Efficient Warehouse Lighting Source?

In general, LED lights are more efficient, but for businesses with warehouses, they can have even more advantages.

Here are 9 of the best benefits of having an efficient lighting source.

LED Warehouse Lighting Has Lower Energy Costs Than Industrial Warehouse Lighting

One of the most crucial benefits of an LED lighting system is that it is far more energy efficient than industrial lighting solutions.

Image Credit: European Commission

It can reduce energy bill costs by 70% because it uses more than 80% less energy than a traditional lightbulb. Due to the immediate cost savings of running them, you save more money from the outset.

Despite the reduced cost, these lights (LED high bays, for example) don’t compromise on lighting quality.

The increased energy savings are the main reason to invest in efficient LED lights.

2. Warehouse LED Lights Have a Long Life Expectancy

Not only do LED lights save you money through reduced energy usage; they also have a longer life expectancy, meaning you don’t have to replace them as frequently.

LED lights last 5-10 times longer than most other lighting solutions. 

One of the primary benefits of warehouse LED lighting is that you don’t have to dispose of it as often as other solutions; this means that they produce less waste, increasing their standing as an energy-efficient solution.

3. LED Warehouse Lighting is Easy to Install

While some warehouse lighting systems (consisting of metal halides) can be time-consuming to install, an LED lighting solution is quite the opposite.

For example, LED high bays have built-in fittings, usually for suspended installation and surface mount fittings. They’re great for warehouses with limited wall space.

Colour Temperature

Image Source: Sunled Energy

They are also just as easy to install on the outside of a warehouse if you require an outdoor lighting solution.

4. An Efficient Warehouse Lighting Solution Can Reduce Overall Costs

As well as increasing energy savings, efficient LED lights keep maintenance costs low. 

The 10-12 years of continuous operation for LED lights means that there is little to no maintenance required to keep them running, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Also, LED companies provide longer warranties, so even if they require maintenance, it is of little or no cost to you.

5. It Can Boost Productivity in a Warehouse

As well as benefitting those who buy them, efficient LED lights can also help warehouse workers.

A darker warehouse environment can make it more difficult for workers to see and get on with their job. Because LED lights have a natural colour, this is not a problem.

Also, good lighting can increase workers’ mood and cognitive skills; a consistent display of LED high bay lights creates a work environment where workers are happier and more efficient.

Good lighting can improve workers’ mood and cognitive skills. Light plays the largest role in regulating the body’s circadian clocks; in other words, it controls our tiredness levels and has a knock-on effect on our mood.

With consistent lighting from LED high bay lights, you can create a work environment where workers are more alert, more productive, and happier.

6. Some Good-Quality Options Have Limited Flickering

Many traditional bulbs have serious issues with flickering,especially older ones. This can irritate workers considerably and, in some situations, can be dangerous. High levels of flickering in a warehouse can negatively affect eyesight by causing eye strain and lower visual performance during tasks.

Thankfully, LED solutions don’t have this problem because of their long life and warranty guarantees.

Also, installing LED lighting helps you avoid the following:

  • Dimming
  • Blowing
  • Making noises (like a slight buzzing noise)

7. LED Technology Presents Safer Working Conditions

LED technology not only provides an environment where workers can be more productive; it also improves their safety.

For some people, very bright light can damage their retinas, especially if they have to look in its direction multiple times a day.

LED solutions solve this problem because of the natural and adjustable colour they emit; it means that the light is not bright enough to cause harm if you set it that way.

Colour Temperature


Also, the natural colour can reduce accidents because it is not too dim; it is far easier for workers to trip or walk into objects if they have limited vision. 

LED high bay lighting also increases uniformity by 8%, allowing for a wider spread of lights in a warehouse.

Additionally, there is no glass in LED lights, meaning there is no risk of glass cutting workers.

8. LED Lighting has Excellent Accuracy

Although LED solutions have less energy consumption than traditional lighting systems, they still produce accurate light.

For example, the Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how artificial lights render natural colours. The CRI of LED lights is 80, which is only slightly lower than that of incandescent lighting, which is 100.

Also, because they have a long lifespan, the lighting quality will remain the same for much longer. While some traditional offerings may be brighter out-of-the-box, LED tech keeps its top brightness much longer, making it a more effective solution.

Furthermore, they have no glare and a wide coverage, making them an excellent option for expansive warehouses with high ceilings.

LED warehouse solutions also match natural daylight. They are in the 5500-6500 Kelvin range, which is the same range as natural daylight. This is the healthiest and most suitable lighting condition for workers.

9. LED Tech is Better for the Environment

Finally, LED warehouse lighting also helps protect the environment.

Because they are up to 90% more energy efficient than traditional lights, they have a lower carbon footprint. Since fewer fossil fuels are needed to run them, they can help to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Protecting the environment can also positively affect a business’s reputation and profit; customers often look fondly at companies that consider the effect on the environment in their business practices. A 2017 study states that 87% of people would buy a product if the company that sells it advocated for an environmental problem that matters to them.

Final Thoughts on Efficient Warehouse Lighting

Having efficient warehouse lighting is an absolute must for several reasons. 

Here are the key benefits of upgrading your LED lighting: 

  • Significant savings on energy and electricity.
  • Makes the warehouse a safer and more productive environment for workers.
  • Provides bright lighting that emulates natural light
  • Has less flickering and dimming than traditional solutions.
  • Lasts much longer than other solutions.

Due to these benefits, LED warehouse lights are worth checking out. If you’re in Victoria or NSW, you can contact us today. Or, look at our LED upgrade solutions on Ecosaver!

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