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The Role of Industrial Lighting in Energy Savings

The Role of Industrial Lighting in Energy Savings

Being an energy-efficient business in modern industries is more essential now than ever. Not only can it benefit the environment, but it also keeps your energy costs low. 

Industrial lighting is one of the major culprits for high energy consumption, so we will look at its current role in saving energy for businesses. 

Read on to learn about the shift to energy-efficient lighting, government regulations related to industrial-style lighting, and more.

Why Is Industrial Lighting So Important for Businesses to Save Energy?

If you have a business with large warehouses or manufacturing sites, you will use industrial lighting options to light the area. 

Its most critical use is highlighting potentially dangerous areas of the site so workers can treat them carefully.

However, traditional industrial-style lighting has massive energy consumption levels, especially halogen and incandescent bulbs. They are notorious for burning energy as completely wasted heat.


If we continue using these lighting solutions, they will affect many environmental aspects, including:

  • Increasing air pollution due to greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increasing thermal pollution
  • Increasing water pollution

Why Is There a Shift to Other Lighting Technology?

To stop industrial light solutions from consuming more energy and damaging the environment, many brands (including Ecosaver) introduced more energy-efficient lighting technologies to their e-commerce businesses, including LED lighting.

What Is LED Lighting Technology?

Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) use up to 75% less energy than traditional halogen lighting; this mitigates energy consumption. Using LEDs for various light types in an industrial setting (ceiling lights, lamps, industrial-style pendants and more) can save businesses tons of energy each year.

They work via electrical currents that power a microchip in the bulb; this illuminates the LEDs, creating a natural-looking light source.

What Are the Most Significant Benefits of Industrial LED Lighting?

The primary benefits of industrial LED lighting include:

  • LED lights consume considerably less energy (up to 75%) than traditional lighting, which benefits the environment and lowers energy bills.
  • They last 25 times longer than traditional lights, meaning you save money on replacing them.
  • They require low maintenance, saving the business money on maintenance costs.

Are There Australian Government Regulations Related to Industrial Lighting?

As well as brands selling more efficient industrial lighting technology, the government also has regulations to ensure that industrial lighting in Australia is not damaging the environment.

Here are some examples of Australian Government regulations that relate to industrial lighting:

  • The Energy Efficient Opportunities Program: targets larger businesses that need more energy to conduct business operations, including installing lights in their industrial locations. The program encourages these businesses to evaluate and report any energy-efficient ideas they implement.
  • The Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act: sets a standard for the energy products can legally consume; this includes industrial lighting. If businesses don’t meet the standard, they cannot sell their lighting product. The purpose of the Act is to ensure  that businesses sell products that produce less energy and greenhouse gases.
  • Different states also have their own regulations surrounding lighting products, like what materials they can legally include (metal, for example). Look on your State’s website for specific policies.

Are There Any Industrial Lighting Initiatives in Australia?

Along with regulations, there are also some government incentives involving industrial lights in Australia. Some of these include:

  • The Emissions Reduction Fund: businesses can get various incentives from this program if they reduce their greenhouse gas emissions; this includes using more energy-efficient lights.
  • Other grants and incentives can vary depending on the state or territory. These grants consistently change, so keep an eye on what is available in your area.

What Are the Financial Benefits of Energy-Efficient Industrial Lighting?

As well as protecting the environment, using energy-efficient industrial lights can also have a direct positive effect on your business.

Here are some critical financial benefits of using energy-efficient industrial light options.

  • Being an energy-efficient solution, they can significantly reduce energy bills. Businesses with massive industrial factories and storage areas with other electrical equipment (like ceiling fans) will benefit highly.
  • They can reduce replacement costs because they have a longer lifespan.
  • They can reduce maintenance costs due to their excellent construction and sturdy design; this depends on the brand, so find an online shop for a reputable lighting company.
  • Studies show that good lighting quality improves employee productivity, increasing profit for the business in the long term.
  • Energy-efficient industrial-style lighting can increase the value of the warehouse or manufacturing property.

What Challenges Are There When Implementing an Industrial Lighting System?

Although installing a new industrial lighting system will have multiple benefits for your business, it also comes with a set of challenges. Some of these include:

  • A significant up-front cost
  • Calculating your Return On Investment (ROI) accurately
  • Spending money on lighting installers and electricians
  • The lights may not be compatible with your facility when they arrive
  • The installation process may disrupt business operations
  • Planning for replacements and maintenance

How Can You Overcome Industrial Lighting Implementation Challenges?

While the above challenges may aggravate the process of installing industrial-style lights, you can overcome them.

For any financial challenges, including up-front costs and upcoming maintenance preparation, you must make a detailed plan of how you will distribute the costs. It’s a good idea to be aware of the total amount and plan for any eventualities.


Image source: ResearchGate


Also, check if the business can pay the up-front fee, or the lighting installation may not be a good idea.


You must also thoroughly check the lights before buying them to ensure they are compatible with your building.


Furthermore, if the installation will disrupt operations, consider setting up temporary lighting so employees can keep working safely, or account for the lost revenue in the meantime.

Final Thoughts on the Role of Industrial Lighting in Saving Energy

The energy-efficient properties of LED industrial-style lighting are a sign that it will have a much brighter future when it comes to saving energy and protecting the environment.

It also has multiple financial benefits for businesses, making it an excellent option to invest in right now.

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