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Why You Should Install Exhaust Fan Seals

Why You Should Install Exhaust Fan Seals

Seal the deal on saving energy! Exhaust fan seals truly are the unsung heroes of energy conservation and cost savings.

Prevent excess airflow from travelling through your exhaust fan duct to responsibly conserve energy.

Installing an exhaust fan seal onto your ceiling space could benefit your bank balance and levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

Read on to discover why everyone should consider installing exhaust fan seals today!

What is an exhaust fan seal?

Exhaust fan seals are mechanical devices fitted to an exhaust fan duct. This device stops air from entering or escaping your building and provides a barrier. 

An exhaust fan duct is a crucial aspect of ventilation for your building. Ventilation is essential for all buildings to remove moisture, odours, and heat from the indoor space. 

The duct leads the air out of the exhaust fan and out of the building. The air is released into the outdoors. This improves the quality of air inside the building.

However, sometimes a gap can develop around the exhaust fan. This releases air or allows excess air or heat to enter the building. 

An exhaust fan seal prevents backdrafts, particularly when the fan is not in use. The seal can help to improve air quality in the building, requiring reduced use of heating or cooling appliances.

Why is an exhaust fan seal important?

An exhaust fan seal not only helps to improve indoor air quality, but it can also lower your energy usage! It is one of many ways homeowners can retrofit houses for warmth.

If excess air is escaping through an unsealed exhaust fan duct in cooler weather, you may turn up the thermostat and use energy to heat the building.

Likewise, in a hotter climate, heat may enter your building and cause the indoor air to feel warmer and less comfortable. You may decide to turn on the air conditioning unit to combat this.

In both scenarios, you are using energy to fight against the effects of an unsealed exhaust fan duct. 

Your energy costs increase along with your greenhouse gas emissions because of a problem that can be easily fixed!

Lower your energy costs and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by accessing your exhaust fan seal from Ecosaver. 

A building that is sealed and insulated will use less energy and experience lower energy costs every month!

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Cool air leaks from fans and vents are a major source of leaks in the home and are responsible for 4% of all air leaks. 

Installing an exhaust fan seal can prevent these air leaks and make your building warmer and more energy-efficient.

What are the benefits of installing an exhaust fan seal?

Installing an exhaust fan seal can provide you with practical and financial benefits. It is one of many small upgrades you can install to help decrease your energy bill by about 30 per cent!

Here are the top 8 benefits of installing an exhaust fan seal in your building:

1. Energy savings

An air leak surrounding your exhaust fan can lead to unwanted airflow and a waste of energy. You may use heat energy or cooling energy to address the effects of the air leak, increasing your energy costs.

An exhaust fan seal prevents air leaks, creating an air-tight barrier around your exhaust fan. As a result, you will not need to use excess energy to mitigate the air leak impacts. 

You will reduce your energy and experience lower energy bills!

Ecosaver is an expert in energy efficiency and sustainable solutions for Victorian households and businesses

We can offer several programs to help households and businesses reduce their energy use and costs. Get in touch now and talk to an expert!

2. Reduce noise

Noise can increase when an air leak is present around your exhaust fan. 

Installing an exhaust fan seal will block excess noise and create a quieter environment in your home.

3. Improve air quality

An air leak can attract allergens and dust into your building, as well as odours and pollutants.

A ceiling exhaust fan seal will prevent unfiltered air from circulating inside the building. 

Create a healthier environment and provide greater health benefits for your family and friends.

4. Cost-effective

An exhaust fan cover is a cost-effective solution for your building! 

Ecosaver can offer you a FREE exhaust fan seal in Victoria through the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program!

Claim your free exhaust fan seal and contact Ecosaver now!

5. Upgraded HVAC performance

Excess airflow between the ceiling and exhaust fan places pressure on your HVAC system. The system will then work harder to maintain the desired temperature.

Sealing your exhaust fan reduces this pressure. Your HVAC will perform better, experiencing less wear and tear and ensuring your equipment lasts longer.

6. Fewer moisture issues

Moisture issues are a problem with greater air leaks. This leads to increased condensation. 

As a result, damp problems can arise which can cause financial and health-related problems.

Sealing air leaks reduces the moisture levels that enter the building. This provides fewer issues with moisture and condensation affecting a building such as dampness.

7. Temperature regulation

Australian households love air conditioning units! About 80% of homes in Australia now have air conditioning, negatively impacting the energy grid.

An air leak can require greater use of your air conditioning unit due to the draw of hot air into the building. 

Different parts of the building may feel hotter than others as a result, requiring air conditioning to be used throughout. 

Eliminating air leaks and sealing exhaust fans will require reduced use of your air conditioning unit and you will experience natural temperature regulation. 

This will provide a comfortable temperature inside your home without using energy.

8. Sustainability

Sealing your exhaust fan will require your building to use less energy. This leads to energy efficiency and a reduced level of energy consumption.

You can boast sustainable practices and contribute to your overall environmental responsibility as a result.

How can I install an exhaust fan seal?

Ecosaver will install your exhaust fan seal for free for all Victorian households! Contact Ecosaver to take your FREE exhaust fan seal in Victoria through the VEU program

Ecosaver is an active participant in the Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) and is a specialist in energy efficiency and sustainable practices. 

A licensed installation expert will install your exhaust fan seal for free, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint. You will save energy and curb your CO2 emissions.

To seal the leaks on your exhaust fan, register with Ecosaver now and complete the online contact form. 

An Ecosaver expert will reach out to you to confirm you are eligible and provide you with an installation date.

Your free exhaust fan seal will be installed at your convenience, quickly and easily with no cost to you whatsoever. 

Victorian households can start saving energy today!

Contact Ecosaver today!

Talk to our experts and allow Ecosaver to arrange your free exhaust fan seal installation in Victoria!

Alternatively, take our Free Audit & Quote to find out how Ecosaver can help you! 

Ecosaver helps Victorian homes to reduce their energy use and their energy costs. Australian households could save thousands of dollars through energy-efficient solutions!

Get in touch today and let us take care of your energy-efficiency needs!

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