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6 Must-Have Home Appliances to Invest in Today

6 Must-Have Home Appliances to Invest in Today

Home appliances make our lives easier and better. You can do your household chores faster and more smoothly, buying you more time for other things.But today, the category of home appliances has stretched beyond everyday appliances such as washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, etc. Moreover, the modern generation not only wants to save time, but they also want to save money on energy bills. Today, we’ve become environment-conscious, given the challenges of climate change.

Enter modern smart, energy-efficient appliances, which have become a necessity today.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about six must-have home appliances that will not only reduce your energy consumption but also improve your life.

Let’s have a look!

1.  Exhaust Fan Seals

Many homes in Victoria have exhaust fans loosely fitted or exhaust fan vents without air seals. Open exhaust fan gaps let in cold air during winter and hot air during the summer. To offset the imbalanced room temperature, your home air-conditioning units consume more energy, thus adding to your energy bills.

So, it’s important to seal open exhaust fan gaps in order to maintain the right temperature and humidity level indoors. To combat this, a free exhaust fan ceiling installation under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program was announced. All Victoria residents can claim a free exhaust fan seal by calling a licensed professional.

Benefits of Exhaust Fan Seals:

  • Helps maintain perfect indoor quality.
  • Low energy bills due to lower air conditioning bills.
  • Protects against degradation of household items from leaking moisture from opened fans.

2.  Door Seals

When it comes to cold months, we often talk about improving insulation in the walls, windows, and roofs. But, we often forget about another most important aspect – airtightness and air leakage.

Air leakage occurs when the air leaves or enters your home uncontrollably through gaps, and this mainly happens through our doors. It’s a sign that your door is not sealed properly. Air leakage can increase the energy costs involved in keeping your home warm or cold, depending on the weather.

So, in order to maintain the perfect indoor temperature, you’ve to ensure minimal to no air leakage. This is why it makes sense to install door seals that help maintain ideal temperatures indoors.

As a part of the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, all households in Victoria can obtain complementary door seals with the help of experts. It’s an initiative to reduce carbon footprints and make your homes achieve suitable temperatures.

Benefits of Door Seals:

  • Weatherproofs your home with air sealing.
  • Your HVAC system becomes more energy-efficient, hence fewer bills.
  • Makes your rooms soundproof and light-proof.
  • Protects against fires as door seals expand after a certain temperature.

3.  Water-saving Showerhead

Water is a valuable resource, especially given prolonged periods of hot, dry weather in Australia. By using a water-saving showerhead, you can save up to  20,000L of water annually while saving on your utility bills.

A water-saving showerhead is a modern and practical appliance that has now become a must-have in every household. These appliances restrict the water flow without interfering with your bathing experience. It’s because the modern features of water-saving showerheads deliver only the required water. Also, you’ve multiple options for fittings, such as wall showers, hand-held showers, and all basic to modern fittings.

Benefits of Water-saving Shower Head:

  • Reduces water bills.
  • Lowers energy bills as you may use water heating devices.
  • Reduces your carbon footprints.

4.  Energy Monitor

Did you know you can control household electricity usage with a smart monitor? Digitisation is a blessing, and with this simple in-house energy display monitor, you can evaluate energy consumption in real-time.

This energy monitor equipment can be connected to your smart metre for fetching and representing the data. For example, you can use a portable screen monitor or an online energy monitor showing data on mobile apps and computers. The data represents real-time information about your electricity usage.

Benefits of Energy Monitors:

  • Track energy consumption in real-time concerning energy spikes, peak electricity usage times, and other insights.
  • Save energy bills with this useful data.
  • Make your home more environmentally friendly.


5.  Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are one of the most thoughtful, convenient and smart home appliances. They heat household water with smart technology that uses 60 to 75% less electricity than traditional water heating equipment.

For instance, upgraded heat pumps are powered with CFC-free refrigerant, which uses atmospheric air to heat water at a set temperature between (30°C to 90°C). In this system, the electricity is used to operate only the compressor and fan, which makes it very energy efficient.

Here’s how a heat pump works:

First, the heat water pump is connected to the cold water supply. The unit draws heat from the air, even when it’s cold outside. The condense coil initiates water heating, and the warm air compression technology increases the air’s temperature and warms the water. Finally, the hot water outlet provides water to all the house taps.

Benefits of Heat Pumps:

  • Performs sustainable water heating.
  • Reduces energy costs significantly.
  • Efficient, durable and long-lasting


6.  Energy-efficient Lights

An efficient lighting system is one of the most integral parts of any household. There are lighting solutions that help you save bills, have a lower carbon footprint and are long-lasting. Well, high-efficiency LED lighting fulfils all the needs.

The all-new LED bulbs deliver a high-lumens output and consume minimum energy. So, a better environment with sufficient lighting makes your home and commercial places effortless.

The best part is that the new age LED bulbs have touched all the environmental aspects like they consume less energy and can be recycled. So, installing these efficient, bright and long-lasting lights will upgrade your house.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Lights:

  • Minimum downtime
  • Long-lasting
  • Save up to 70% on energy bills
  • Minimise maintenance and replacements with enhanced durability.

So, make future-friendly choices today by opting for these smart and convenient home appliances!

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