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What Is the Household Energy Upgrades Fund?

What Is the Household Energy Upgrades Fund?

The Household Energy Upgrades Fund (HEUF) is an initiative of the Albanese Government and a feature of the 2023 Federal Budget package. 

The purpose of the HEUF is to increase the number of household energy upgrades to positively contribute to Australia’s net zero targets.

Read on to find out how the HEUFould help your household to become more energy efficient and make energy saving upgrades.

How does the Household Energy Upgrades Fund work?

The Household Energy Upgrades Fund consists of $1.3 billion of the Energy Savings Package established by the recent Government Budget. 

Of this amount, $1 billion has been allocated to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to help households across the states to finance energy upgrades. 

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation partners with lenders so you can have access to the energy efficient appliances and systems you need to reduce energy consumption and lower your energy costs.

The CEFC has a target that this $1 billion will help to upgrade over 110,000 households in the country to reduce their energy bills and energy use.

The additional $300 million allocated to the Household Energy Upgrades Fund was to finance energy upgrades across social housing.

The purpose of this portion of the fund was to upgrade at least 60,000 social housing properties with the aim of reducing energy consumption by up to one third.

What are energy efficiency upgrades?

Energy efficiency upgrades provide new systems and appliances that the average household needs to increase energy performance and meet net zero emissions.

All energy improvements must be installed and checked by an accredited provider, however. Ecosaver is a leader in accredited providers and can help you install the following upgrades:


Ensure your Victorian home is ready for the season ahead with a FREE door seal, available from Ecosaver. You might also be eligible for FREE exhaust fan seals, stopping air entering or escaping your property.

Home energy monitor

See if you are eligible for a home energy monitor from Ecosaver, allowing you to track how much energy you are consuming and how much your energy usage is costing you.

Hot water systems

Under the Energy Saver Scheme, businesses in NSW can install an energy efficient hot water heat pump, saving money each time they heat water across the premises. When using a heat pump, air is drawn from outside and transferred to heat the water in the water tank.

Save more water by obtaining a FREE water saving shower head for households in Victoria, using less water by mixing water droplets with air. Get in touch with Ecosaver today!

Air conditioning

Assess your new heating and cooling solutions with an HVAC upgrade, providing a single source for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning across the property.

Lighting upgrades

If you want to replace linear and circular fluorescent lamps, a lighting upgrade could be in reach for Victorians. Get in touch with Ecosaver now for more details.

LED commercial lighting upgrades can help you to save money by requiring less energy, saving up to 75% on lighting costs. Some businesses in NSW and Victoria can receive substantial incentives for LED bulb installation, reducing carbon emissions and also saving on maintenance costs.

Do all states and territories offer the same energy saving schemes?

Each state or territory has its own version of the energy savings scheme, with some packages being more generous than others.


Victoria implements the Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU), of which a significant benefit is the VEEC certifications. VEEC stands for Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates and is awarded to Victorian properties that have reduced their carbon emissions. 

Each typical certificate is awarded for each tonne of CO2 An accredited provider, such as Ecosaver, will assess and award VEEC’s, which can then be sold or traded for a profit. This profit can contribute towards energy costs, depending on eligibility.


Image Source: Conservia

New South Wales

NSW utilises the Energy Saving Scheme, or ESS, and also calculates tradable certificates based on how much you have reduced your carbon emissions. 

Energy savings are made when new energy efficient systems and appliances have been installed to reduce energy consumption.

South Australia

The Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme, or REPS) is in use in Southern Australia, and offers energy saving incentives to encourage everyone to lower their carbon emissions and reduce how much energy they use.

Australian Capital Territory

The Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme, or EEIS, is in place in ACT, requiring energy retailers to incentivise businesses in the region to make energy saving changes. 

However, whichever state or territory you reside or work in, you must remain up to date with the latest energy saving scheme in your area. Check with our experts at Ecosaver and see which programs you are eligible for.

How can I make my home more energy efficient?

Follow these simple steps to make your home more energy efficient:

1. Invest

Invest in energy saving systems and appliances, eliminating old, outdated systems that waste energy and cost you more to operate. Ask Ecosaver now about the best energy saving investments you could make to your property.


Image Source: Energy Australia

2. Adjust

Make changes to adjust bad energy habits, such as leaving appliances plugged in when not in use, or leaving the lights switched on when you are in a different room.

3. Observe

Use an in-home energy monitor to track how much energy you are using and how much your energy consumption is costing. Identify and then make realistic changes so you can start saving energy and money.

4. Estimate

When you use energy in your home or premises, estimate how much energy you are using and use your energy monitor to verify how much energy has been consumed.

5. Update

Old appliances, such as refrigerators, are probably not energy efficient and could be wasting high volumes of electricity daily. Updating to new, energy efficient appliances will save you money in the long term when you improve energy performance.

Why choose Ecosaver?

Ecosaver knows which energy saving initiatives you need to make a real difference. Our experts will assess your circumstances and identify the most appropriate programs to apply for.

Talk to our experts now or complete our FREE Audit & Quote form today and look forward to an energy saving future!

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