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A Comprehensive Guide to Victorian Solar Rebates

A Comprehensive Guide to Victorian Solar Rebates

Many States in Australia are fully aware that solar power has a massive part to play in lowering the threat of climate change (along with all renewable energy).

Victoria is one of these States, so they have a solar rebate scheme to make it easier for eligible Victorian households to purchase and install solar panels.

In this solar rebate Victoria guide, we will detail what rebates Victoria offers, how you can apply for them, the benefits you can get, and more.

What is a Victorian Solar Rebate?

A solar rebate is a government rebate scheme that gives you a financial incentive when obtaining a solar system and solar panels. Essentially, they are in place to convince more homeowners to invest in solar panel technology.

The biggest problem most people face when purchasing solar panels is that they cannot afford the massive up-front cost of getting the system installed. Solar rebates can alleviate the cost of getting solar panels installed, making solar panels much more accessible in Victoria.

What Are the Victorian Solar Rebate Options?

While the general aim of solar rebates in Victoria is to make solar panels easier for people to buy, there are various ways Victoria can facilitate this.

Here are some of the solar rebate options in Victoria.

Rebates by the Victorian Government

The Victorian Government created most of the solar rebate options in Victoria as a part of the Solar Homes Program.

The primary rebate in Victoria is the solar panel PV rebate.

The solar panel PV rebate (part of the Solar Homes Program) consists of a payment of up to $1400 to go towards installing solar panels. Additionally, you can receive an interest-free loan (no-interest loans are optional).

Other solar-rebate-related programs (all part of the Solar Homes Program) that Victoria offer include:

  • Solar battery rebates if you want a home solar battery to store excess electricity. The solar battery rebate means you don’t have to rely on the grid as much.
  • Solar rentals rebate options for those with rental properties.
  • Solar rebate options for community housing.
  • Rebate options for solar hot water systems.
  • Premium feed-in-tariff, which are credits you receive for electricity you don’t use and send back to the grid.

Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Aside from government programs in Victoria, Small-scale Technology Certificates are the most prominent option for homeowners to get money to go towards solar panels.

They are certificates you can trade for a cash payment towards purchasing and installing a solar panel system or maintaining one. Usually, the certificates amount to around $37.

How do You Get a Solar Rebate in Victoria?

Now you know the types of solar rebates you can get in Victoria, we can focus on how you apply for one.

We will specifically focus on applying for a solar panel PV rebate, as they are the most common and popular option.

Find Out if You’re Eligible for a Victorian Solar Rebate

Applying mindlessly for a solar panel PV rebate in Victoria may be a waste of time if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria.

Here are the main eligibility criteria for Victoria’s solar panel PV rebate.

  • Existing homes and homes not-yet-built are eligible. You must own the existing property.
  • You need a combined household taxable income of lower than $180,000 yearly.
  • You must not already have a PV rebate or a solar battery rebate.
  • Your property has a value of under 3 million AUD.
  • The Solar Homes Program hasn’t already provided your home with a solar battery rebate or Solar PV rebate.
  • Your property must not have a solar panel PV system installed after the 1st of November 2009.

For other rebate options, check Victoria’s website for eligibility criteria.

Choose the Best Rooftop Solar System for You and Install Solar Panels

Before applying for a Solar PV rebate, you must choose a solar panel PV system that is best for your house.

First, it must be a Solar PV system to be eligible for a solar PV rebate in Victoria. 

You must also consider your energy needs and purchase panels with the appropriate PV capacity size. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about system size, as there is no minimum or maximum limit to get the rebate.

You also need to get the system installed by a reputable installer, so research some options; check their website to see if they comply with the rebate (also look for positive reviews). Before this, ensure you get a quote from the authorised solar retailer.

Apply for the Rebate After Installing Your Solar Panel Choice

You can apply for the rebate once you have the system you want installed.

Before this, ensure you have all the necessary documents, including the quote from the solar retailer, a pre-approval letter from the Distribution Network Service Provider, proof of identity, proof of your income level and proof that you own the property.

Once you have these, you can start the application process by accessing it through the Solar Victoria portal. You will need to enter information from your documents during the process.

Once you apply and Solar Victoria approves you, you can arrange installation.

Can You Maximise Benefits from a Victorian Solar Rebate?

Once you get your solar rebate, there are some ways you can maximise the financial potential of your solar panel system.

Optimise the Design for Your Solar System

Optimising the system’s design may consist of placing the panels correctly, tilting them if necessary and shading them. 

For example, you should place the panels on the side of your home the sun hits the most often so they can fulfil the maximum electricity-generating capabilities; this will ensure you pay less on your power bills.


Monitor and Maintain the Solar Panels Correctly

To ensure the solar panels save you money on electricity bills and energy bills, you need to keep them in excellent condition; this includes maintaining and repairing them when necessary. 

You need to check them for damages regularly and your home’s energy level to see if they work correctly.

If you need more money for maintenance and repairs, you can use the interest-free loan from the rebate.

What Are the Future Benefits of Solar Rebates in Victoria?

The future of solar rebates in Victoria is looking bright because of its multiple benefits.

First, they can offer you multiple financial benefits as a part of the rebate (in the Solar Homes Program), including money off your installation cost, an interest-free loan (the interest-free loan is optional) and savings on energy bills.

Solar rebates also positively affect the environment because solar power is an energy-efficient energy source.

For example, a recent study states that “energy generated from solar power does not produce GHG emissions”.

Will the Victorian Rebate Programs Change?

The rebate programs in Victoria may change in the future; they may offer more money or have evolving eligibility requirements.

To stay on top of potential updates, you must regularly look at the Solar Victoria website.

Final Thoughts on the Victorian Solar Rebate Scheme

We hope our guide has some helpful information regarding solar rebates in Victoria.

In summary, there are multiple rebate options, depending on your homeowner status and many documents you must obtain before applying. Also, remember to maintain the panels to reap maximum financial benefit.

If you want to find out what we offer for solar rebates in Victoria, check out the Ecosaver solar page or contact us!

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