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Saving Energy With Ecosaver in Victoria

Ecosaver has multiple products to help your home or business be more energy efficient.


Make Your Business or Home More Energy-Efficient with Ecosaver

Ecosaver aims to provide Australia with energy-efficient products so you can do more while saving more energy. We focus on products for commercial and residential purposes and partner with various schemes that incentivise you to purchase these products.

For a commercial setting, we offer energy-efficient lighting and solar panels; these products will reduce a business's carbon footprint and help it save money. We also have rebates on several products for homeowners, including solar panels. We also have free products for homeowners, like energy monitors and door seals.

Contact Ecosaver today to enquire about energy-saving products for your Victorian home or business.


Upgrade Your Home or Business to an Energy-Efficient Location with Ecosaver!

Energy-saving products will reduce your carbon footprint.

What Does Ecosaver Offer for Victorian Businesses?

There are several energy-saving products that you can get on Ecosaver to save money for your business in Victoria; some of these include:

Commercial LED lights for warehouses and large commercial settings. Using these, you can minimise your CO2 emissions, save time on maintenance and save 70% on your energy bills.
Heat pump water heaters use the air to transfer heat to the water, generating less energy than an electrical system. You can also get one of these for your home in Victoria.
Solar panel products. We can assess the site to determine the right type and size and install the products. You can also get residential solar panels with money off from the rebate.

Using these products for your business will save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

What Residential Products Can You Obtain Through Ecosaver?

While Victorian businesses must use less energy because of the size of the sites and the number of electrical products required, you also need to promote energy efficiency in your home.

Here are some free products we offer that can help you save energy:

A water-saving shower head with a low flow rate of 7.5 litres every minute.
An in-home display energy monitor displays how much energy you use and where you can save.
A door seal that prevents drafts from entering the home maintains the indoor temperature and takes the strain off air conditioning units.

Fill Out the Ecosaver Contact Form to Enquire About Energy Saving Products!

Enter your full name, email and contact number to enquire about our products. We will then determine your eligibility and arrange installation!

Energy Efficiency in Victoria FAQs

Victorian homes must achieve an energy rating of 7 stars from the 1st of May 2024.

Additionally, homes in Victoria will need to achieve a whole-of-home rating of 60 or more; this is under the NatHERS option.

Your house is energy-efficient if you have a high start and whole-of-home rating.

If you want new solar panels for your home in Victoria and are eligible for the rebate, you get a maximum of $1400. Alternatively, you get 50% of the purchase price for the solar panel product.

If you buy solar panels that are $1100, you get $550 back.

For general cleaning of door seals, use a damp cloth.

Some areas around door seals are hard to get to; you can still use a damp cloth for these, but we also recommend trying a toothbrush for the hard-to-reach gaps.

Maintaining the door seal will ensure its longevity.

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