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Reduce Your Lighting Costs - Only $33* Upgrade Your Small Business with Flat LED Panels

ESS scheme - a subsidized upgrade program for Retail & Offices.

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Upgrade with LED Lights

Especially for Small Business under ESS Scheme

Ecosavers provide subsidized installation of LED lighting solutions for your business through the Energy Savings Scheme (ESS Scheme).

By switching to LED lights, you have the potential to lower your annual electricity bill by more than $794*. Through the Energy Savings Scheme provided by the NSW Government, we are providing NSW businesses the opportunity to upgrade their old halogen and fluorescent lights to new LED lights for just $33 (including GST).

*The comparison is based on the usage of 15 standard 72W lights, with a $0.25 kWh charge, used for 10 hours per day, 5 days per week, for 50 weeks. Actual savings may differ depending on usage patterns and electricity rates.
LED Battens
LED Panels
LED Shoplights
LED Globes
Advanced Features

You can avail of the lighting upgrade, with a minimum payment of $33* (including GST). The installation fee and cost of LED lights are subsidized by the NSW Government's Energy Savings Scheme.

You are eligible for this offer if your business meets the following conditions:
Is located within Sydney Metropolitan Area.
Must have a minimum of 15 Fluorescent Ceiling Fixtures for replacement. (Note: there is no upper limit.)
Has an average monthly electricity bill of less than $1800.
Registered ABN needed.

We also replace fluorescent battens, non-dimmable halogen downlights, and globes in this offer.

Advanced Features
Extra costs
Not included in this offer
$10.00 to convert from MR16(non-dimmable) to GU10 (dimmable)
$11.99 per Zodiac lamp & driver
$13.99 per Eclipse downlight kit
$15.00 per dimmer disabled
$60.00 per dimmer switch upgraded (if the existing dimmer is incompatible)

Additional costs apply depending on the assessment of your property.

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